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Arrow: Vertigo Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Who's Afraid of the Count?

From the very first episode, Arrow has been compared to Christopher Nolan's Batman movies by many fans, but after this episode it is obvious how similar they really are.

This week's episode, "Vertigo", we got our first taste of the new Count, and he felt awfully similar to Nolan's Scarecrow. Sure, he didn't have a mask, but with the drug inducing trip his victims were given, and Seth Gabel's performance, the similarities were outstanding.

It is easy to say that Arrow's Count was very different from the supernatural comic book version, but by comparing his history and what his drugs do, I think they did a great job at bringing this villain down to the real world. The idea of him using twin syringes to imitate the fang marks was a great idea, as was his drug's ability to knock out Oliver's abilities. So far we have only seen one other villain the provided a good challenge for Queen, so having more in the mix can add some much needed suspense to the action.

I am really glad that the writers didn't kill him off too. I really thought that Oliver was going to finish him off, but thankfully it never happened. He did leave him in a really bad state though, but I'm sure that the next time we see this villain he will be even crazier, and perhaps will have a few more tricks.

Throughout their encounter, and the flashbacks, the fighting felt better than most of the past episodes as well. The choppy fights are always so nauseating that it takes away from the enjoyment, so I hope they stay with this style and not slump back into the easier method in future episodes.

While Oliver and Diggle's dealings with the Count provided the excitement of the episode, it was Thea's side story that helped move the plot along. Unfortunately for Thea, Oliver may have used up all the families free passes to court, so she is stuck getting punished. I'm not sure how much she will enjoy working with Laurel every day, but if her brother didn't have friends in the right places her sentence would be much worse. Who knows, this might be how Speedy gets into the life of fighting criminal scumbags.

Oliver's flashbacks on the island were very brief again this week, but it did renew our faith in Oliver's friend. It is obvious that most of Oliver's fighting styles and tricks, including the pinch of life, came from him, so it will be interesting to see how they bring them back together again.

Of everything that happened this week, it was Felicity's reveal that made me the happiest. Ever since Walter disappeared, I knew that she would eventually start heading toward the Green Team, so I'm really excited that it has finally begun. Not only that, Oliver now has a lead on Walter that is sure to cause even more tension in the Queen household. Someone is not going to walk out of that conversation unscathed.

"Vertigo" may not have felt very original, but it was still a blast to watch and setup some key defining moments to come in the next few weeks. I wonder if there is a pill that will make next week come faster.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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