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Arrow: Vertigo Recap


Oliver, in disguise, chases a drug dealer through a ship yard and eventually pins him to a crane which he was trying to escape on. The dealer first tries to tell Oliver that he doesn't know the source of Vertigo, but after threatening his life, he tells him just a name, the Count.

Back at their hideout, Oliver tells his partner what he learnt and that he was going back out again, but John reminds him of Thea's hearing. Since she would need him to be there for her more than looking for a drug dealer, he decided to head back to the manor.

Thea is getting ready for her day in court when Oliver walks in. He tries to convince her that it will be fine and gives her a few funny tips in court until Moria arrives to tell them that it's time. The mob of reporters is all over the scene when they arrive, but they just push past them as they head inside.

The courtroom seems to be going smooth when the Queen attorney tells the Judge that the district attorney has agreed to only treat Thea as a juvenile, but the Judge disagrees and decides to use Thea as a poster child in his war against the drug. As the judge informs them that she will be going to trial, Oliver glances at Laurel who is watching the proceedings from the back of the room.

At the Queen residence, tensions are high since Moria doesn't want her daughter to go to jail. Their attorney tells her that he will try to appear, but it doesn't look good. Moria tries to reassure her daughter, but Thea just pushes her cheating back at her, then storms out. Oliver tries to tell Moria that it might still work out, and that he has to take care of some things.

Yao visits Oliver in his cage, but says nothing. Oliver asks him why he saved his life only to betray him and asks him to let him go, but he just tells him that he can't, then walks away.

Oliver heads to the station to visit Detective Hall in Vice, who he soon learns is his old friend McKenna. They briefly reminisce in the old days, but Oliver soon turns the conversation to business. He reveals what he knows about the Count, but she tells him that they are already aware of him. As she leaves, he asks to let him know if she learns anything so he can help Thea. Quentin approaches Oliver as she heads out, so he tells him the truth.

In a warehouse, the Count interrogates the dealer that gave Oliver his name the night before. He tells him that he didn't say anything because he doesn't know anything, but the Count makes a warning out of him by injecting him with pure Vertigo, which causes extreme pain. The dealer screams in agony so the Count hands him a gun with a single bullet, and gives him the choice of shooting himself or the Count. As the dealer kills himself, the Count walks calmly away.

Tommy wakes up to find Laurel reading an article about Thea and cracks a few jokes about their sleeping patterns until a knock on the door interrupts them. Oliver asks Laurel if she could get her dad to help with Thea's charges. She makes no promises to him, but later that day she brings Thea up with her father. Quentin first says no, but after Laurel points out the similarities between Thea and Sarah, her father agrees to make a few calls.

Oliver and Diggle arrive at the Bratva garage to meed up with his old pall Alexi. They hand over a bag of money and tells them that they are looking to expand into the drug business and want a meeting with the Count. Alexi agrees to help set up a meeting, but Oliver had to kill a man for him first. Another man brings out a prisoner for Oliver to kill, Diggle tries tell him not to, but Oliver quickly puts the man in a choke hold until he falls to the floor. Alexi thanks him and tells him will set up the meeting.

Yao takes Oliver from his cage to a fighter's circle where Deathstroke is fighting another prisoner. It doesn't take long until he is defeated and killed. Fyers asks for the next challenger so Yao pushes Oliver into the circle. Fyers orders Yao to fight Oiiver to build moral.

Oliver hauls the man he choked on his shoulder as they leave the garage, then toss him in the trunk. Once there, he pinches the man's neck and he suddenly bolts up, so Oliver punches him out. John is shocked Oliver was able to fool them so convincingly. Oliver asks John to find their new friend a new identity and to get him out of town as he gets ready for their meeting. He asks Ollie if the vigilante will show up, but he tells him that he doesn't want to sour his relations with the Bratva, so he will show up himself.

Diggle: Wow! That's a neat trick. You gonna teach me that one day?

Laurel and Oliver meet up with Thea at the mansion to tell her that they managed to get her sentence reduced to 500 hours of community service and two years of probation and that Thea will he Laurel's responsibility for that time. Thea tells them that she doesn't want it, so Laurel tells her to let her know if she changes her mind. After Laurel leaves, Oliver tries to talk some sense into his sister, but she keeps bringing up her mother's betrayal. Oliver decides that he has no choice so he tells her what Moria told him about their dad, and brings up key conversations that they had while they were on the boat. Thea is completely shocked and walks away to think things over. Moria overheard it though and yells at Oliver. He tells her that she is old enough to know the truth. The argument ends as Diggle arrives to take Oliver to the meeting.

That night, Oliver and Diggle wait at a parkade with Alexi who explains that the Count got his name from the twin injection marks on the necks of the homeless and prostitutes he used to test the drug on. As the Count arrives, he tells Oliver that they shouldn't be in a rush to meet him. The Count thanks Oliver for the police file, but that he wasn't very worried about them. Oliver tells him that he wants to sell Vertigo at this new club, and the Count agrees. As he takes out the drugs, he explains that 56 people died to prefect the drugs. Before the transaction can be completed, the police arrive. A gun fight ensues and the Count tries to flee so Oliver runs after him, but when he catches up, the Count jabs him with his twin Vertigo syringes in the chest. Oliver collapses so Diggle runs over and carries him away. Detective McKenna chases after the Bratva and arrests Alexi and his accomplice.

Diggle brings Oliver to their hideout where he makes Oliver a batch of the antidote, but as he gives Oliver the solution, Ollie reaches out and tries to choke him until John manages to free himself from this grasp.

At the fighter's pit, Yao Fei easily defeats a helpless Oliver, then finishes him off with the same choke move that Oliver used at the Bratva garage. Oliver slumps to the ground and they confirm that he is dead.

The next morning, Oliver awakens handcuffed to the table. As John releases him, he explains that the Count only injected half of it, which helped his survival and recommends that he takes it easy for a while, but Oliver doesn't want to stop until Thea is fine.

When he gets to the mansion, he finds Detective Lance and Hall there, who immediately question his involvement in the drug deal since McKenna saw him there. Oliver explains that he used his own money so he could meet the Count so that he could provide a description of him, but that the police arrived before he could. Quentin tells him that they won't be charging him on anything, but he won't let him off a second time. As the detective leaves, he thanks him for helping Thea, but he tells Oliver that he did it to help Laurel. Ollie also reassures McKenna that he knows that she is just doing her job.

Once the police are gone, Moria accuses him of being reckless, but he points out that she is just angry about him telling Thea. Moria tells him that she didn't need to know, but Thea was listening to the conversation and tells her that she did. Moria tells her that she didn't want Robert's memories tarnished, but Thea tells her that she understands and they hug.

Oliver heads upstairs and passes by Diggle. They start talking about the drug again until Oliver suddenly finds himself dizzy and faints.

The day following the fight, the mercs bring Oliver's body to a cliff overhanging a stream. They are about to toss him over when Yao offers to do it. With Edward's permission, he kneels beside him and tosses him over and into the water below.

After Oliver awakens again, they head to Queen Consolidated to talk to Felicity. He hands the drug over to her to determine where the water came from, under the lie that it is an energy drink his friend wants him to invest in. She knows it is a lie, but accepts anyway. As they leave, Diggle comments how bad his excuses are getting.

Felicity: If it's an energy drink, why is it in a syringe?

Later that night, they receive the location from Smoak. It is near an abandoned juvenile detention center in the glades. Oliver wants to go, but John tells him he isn't ready. To test the theory, Diggle holds up a tennis ball for him to shoot, but Oliver can't concentrate so he doesn't take the shot. He still leaves anyway, without the bow.

At the Count's den, Oliver fights past several of his cronies. He is obviously weakened, as he stumbles a few times, but eventually he makes it to the top. Meanwhile the detectives arrive with a SWAT to storm the building since her CI has told them that the Count is inside.

Oliver enters the lab and quickly takes out the Counts men. The Count tells him that he is just providing the people what they want, so Oliver tells him that he is doing the same. He shoots a dart at the Count to disarm him, then quickly overtakes him and injects the Count with his own drug as the police arrive. Oliver tries to talk the police down, but Quentin tells him that he is just a killer, so Oliver pushes the Count toward him and escapes.

Thea and Oliver arrive at the law office since she has decided to accept the deal anyway. Thea thanks Laurel for the help, but after she states that they will be working late, Thea becomes less enthusiastic. As Thea leaves, Oliver tells Laurel that he believes it will be good for Thea to have a better role model than he is. Oliver receives a call from McKenna who tells him that the Count has been arrested and that it was good seeing him.

The Count is still in pain as Quentin talks to the doctor about his condition. The doctor mentions that the dose is higher than anyone who has survived and that she isn't sure of how much damage is being done to his brain and nervous system.

Oliver is waiting at a diner as he recalls the time on the island again.

Oliver awakens when his body hits the water and gets out of the water. Yao did the same move Oliver did at the garage to awaken him before he tossed him into the water. Oliver opens his pocket and finds a map with directions.

Felicity's arrival snaps Oliver back to the present. She tells him that she knows that he has lied about the work she has been doing for him, but that she still feels that she can trust him. She hands him Moria's book, with all the names revealed, and tells him that Walter was looking into it when he disappeared and that the book may be responsible.


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