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Arrow: Trust But Verify Recap


Two men in an armoured car are heading to drop off money when a man wearing a balaclava steps out onto the road ahead of them and a van pulls up behind them. The guards slam on the breaks and try to escape, but the man on the road fires a smoke grenade into the cabin, forcing the guards to get out. The robbers kill the guards, then unload the cargo and flee.

The following day, Thea is getting ready for her 18th birthday party, and hinting that she would like a new convertible as a present. Both Moira and Oliver tell her that she isn't getting one and jokes about her driving skills. Moira leaves to plan the party when Tommy arrives. He asks Oliver how Moira is doing, so Oliver tells him that Thea believes she is acting odd. A new broadcast on the television about the armoured car robbery gets their attention. Oliver notices something familiar about it.

At the "Arrow Cave", Oliver is doing push-ups when John Diggle arrives. Oliver shows him the information he found about the robbery and reveals that they are using military tactics, and that he ran a background check on people in the area with the necessary training and he found Ted Gaynor at Black Hawk Squad Protection Group. John tells him that Ted Gaynor is his friend from Afghanistan and that he doesn't believe he did it. Oliver tells him that his name is also in the book of criminals. Diggle still tries to convince him not to pursue it, but Oliver leaves anyway.

Oliver just finished putting on the dead mercenaries uniform, including the balaclava, and heads toward their camp. There he is about to get some food while asking about the location of captives. One tells him where they are and offers to give him a ride, so he leaves the food behind and jumps into the car. As they are about to leave, Edward Fyers joins them.

At the club, Tommy is giving directions to the construction workers when his father calls him. Malcolm tries to defend cutting him off, and tells him that he would like to see him and Laurel for dinner. Tommy snaps back at him so Malcolm admits he was a bit harsh on him, but he still wants to be a part of his life. Tommy tells his father that he will leave it up to Laurel.

Later that night, Oliver shows up at Black Hawk Protection where he knocks out a few guards and heads directly for Ted Gaynor. First he knocks him down and tells them that they need to talk when Diggle arrives with a gun pointed at Oliver. Oliver shoots a computer causing sparks to blind Ted and John as he grabs a flash drive from the desk and bolts out of the building. Impressed with Diggle's timing, Gaynor offers him a job. John comments that the vigilante normally only targets the rich, so he must have made a mistake.

When Diggle returns to the lair later, Oliver and him get into an argument over the situation. Oliver tells him that he knows that all the names are criminals because of what his father told him and what he learnt after he left the island. John still tells him he doesn't believe it and that he has accepted the job at Black Hawk to prove his innocence. Oliver asks him what he will do if he finds that he isn't, but Diggle avoid the question.

Edward asks Oliver for a report so he tells him everything was clear. Suspicious, Fyers ask him if he came to the island by sub, but Oliver tells him that everyone arrives via plane.

Thea is enjoying her shopping trip with Moira, but soon the conversation turns to her father, Robert, who she wishes was able to join them for her birthday. Moira suddenly receives a phone call from Malcolm who wants a meeting. Moira makes up an excuse to Thea so she can skip out on the rest of their shopping day.

At the law office, Tommy tells Laurel about his father's invitation, and reveals that he believes it is just an excuse for something else. Laurel tells him that they should go in case he really is sincere, so they agree that they will accept.

Tommy: "Apparently he wants to mend some fences, but thanks to him I can't afford a fence, so I can only assume he's got some other agenda."

Later that night, Moira meets up with Malcolm at Queen Consolidated where he informs her that he is having difficulties with Carl Ballard, who is ruining their plans in The Glades. He wants her to deal with Carl, but Moira is still upset with Walter and wants proof of his survival before she continues. Thea, standing just outside of the room, watches as Malcolm leaves the room.

At the Big Belly Burger, Gaynor and Diggle are sitting down for a meal, talking about their past, when Paul Knox approaches them to remind Ted of their appointment. John recognizes Paul from their past missions and makes it clear he doesn't trust him, but Gaynor tells him that everyone changes and that he deserves a chance to prove it.

Oliver is trying to access the information he took from Black Hawk when Thea storms into his room ranting about Moira's behaviour and her suspicions that Moira is having an affair with Malcolm. She explains that just before Robert disappeared, she was spending a lot of time with then too. Oliver tries to convince her that it isn't happening, but she tells him that Moira isn't the good person he believes she is.

Later, Oliver confronts Moira over Thea's accusations. Moira tells Oliver that Malcolm helped her when she found out that Robert was cheating on her, but she never told them since she didn't want to ruin their memory of their father, and asks Oliver not to tell Thea. He asks her why Thea would suspect such a thing, so Moira tells him that they meet frequently since she needs help running the company.

The jeep arrives at the camp, then Oliver and company walk by the prisoner cells. Oliver glances through the cages as Edward tells him the purpose of the prison, then knocks Oliver out and pulls off his mask, revealing he already knew who he was.

Laurel and Tommy are having dinner with Malcolm as the conversation changes to Tommy's childhood. Malcolm tells Laurel that he actually likes her and that his wife would too. She tries to drop the subject about Tommy's mother to avoid problems for Tommy but Malcolm continues talking about her and reveals that she was murdered.

Oliver arrives at Felicity's Department with the flash drive and asks her to access it, telling her it si a clue to an extravagant scavenger hunt for fine red wine. She points out that it is using military security, so he offers her a bottle of wine as a reward.

Felicity: "And here I was beginning to think my days of being Oliver Queen's personal computer geek were coming to an end."

Back at the dinner, they just finishing up when Malcolm reveals papers he wishes Tommy to sign. When it is revealed that Malcolm wants to sell his mother's clinic, Tommy gets very upset since he was correct about his father's real intentions. He refuses to sign it and tells his father that he never changes and leaves. Laurel tries to tell Malcolm what he did was wrong, but he tells her that he is trying to show Tommy how harsh the world is, which he should have realized when a robber left his mother to die on the street after shooting her in the head.

Ted is giving John a tour around their vehicles when the conversation returns to Knox again. Ted tells him that jobs are hard for people like them and that he Knox would probably be robbing liquor stores if he didn't hire him.

Felicity has finished decrypting the drive and tells Oliver that the information is only about security routes of the cities armoured car companies. She recommends giving the information to the police, but Oliver tells her to send it to him since he didn't want to get her in trouble and that he would hand the information over.

Another Armoured Car is being hit in the same fashion as before, only this time, Oliver arrives in his disguise and shoots the mask off the man with the grenade launcher. He then hits one of the other men in the chest with an arrow, but the first guy shoots a grenade at Oliver, who uses a trash can lid to shield himself from it. The blast still knocks over Oliver, allowing the others to pick up their wounded and escape.

As Oliver arrives back at the Queen Manor, Thea's birthday party is in full swing. Oliver gives Thea the keys to her new convertible, making Thea very happy, but she admits she still wishes their dad was there. Diggle arrives as Thea goes party with her friends. John tells Oliver he heard about the robbery and that Gaynor wasn't there since he was with him at the time. They suspect it may be Knox and that one of the vans may have blood in it if it is him, so Diggle offers to check it out and let him know if he needs help. As John leaves, Oliver plants a bug on him.

Two of Thea's friends join Thea and had her a package of a new drug, Vertigo. Thea decides to hide it away before her mother sees it so she heads upstairs where Malcolm and Moira are talking. Malcolm reveals a digital photo of Walter to Moira, then pats her on the butt as he leaves. Thea sees his exit and gets angrily accuses her mother of cheating on Walter. Moira tries to convince her otherwise but Thea doesn't believe her. As Thea leaves, she tells her mother that she wishes that she dies instead of her father. At the base of the stairs, she takes out the drug package and leaves the party.

John is back at Black Hawk checking out the vans and finds one with blood, but before he could tell Oliver, Knox shows up with a gun pointed at him. He tells Diggle that they knew that someone hacked into the security system just after he showed up but Gaynor wanted to give you a chance. Just then, Ted steps out into the open and explains that the robberies are his mission since he is sick of babysitting brats. He offers John to join him, but Diggle refuses. Unimpressed, Gaynor calls out to have a gagged Carly brought out at gunpoint, then reveals that he will kill her if he doesn't.

Diggle: "So that gives you the right to steal, to kill inocent civilians?"

Back at the party, Oliver overhead the whole thing and leaves to help.

A bit later, John steps out onto a street wearing a gas mask and holding the grenade launcher. An armoured car comes out but John doesn't fire so it just goes around him. Gaynor gets upset and they drag Carly onto the street, about to kill both of them. Diggle announces he is the one with the grenade launcher, then fires near them, knocking Knox and Gaynor down and allowing Carly to escape. Ted gets up first and chases after Carly with Diggle in pursuit of him.

Knox gets up and is about to shoot John with a rifle when Oliver shows up and kills him.

Carly escapes into a building as Diggle shows up behind his former friend with a gun pointed at him. Gaynor turns around and tells him that he doesn't believe he will do it, but just when it obvious that he isn't, Oliver shoots an arrow into Ted's chest, killing him. John reveals he knew about the bug, but wishes that Oliver trusted him, but Oliver tells him that he trusted him, but not the others. Oliver flees as the police arrive, then Carly comes out of the building on the other side of the fence.

Thea is high and driving erratically in her new car when she almost hits another car, then swerves off the road, wrecking her car and gets knocked unconscious.

Later, at the hospital, Thea wakes up so her brother and mother greet her in the room. They confirm that she is going to be fine, but when Moira asks about her memory, Thea just pushes her away again.

At Laurel's apartment, Laurel tells Tommy that his dad keeps calling her since he isn't answering his calls, and tells him that he might be just trying to help him. Tommy tells her that he doesn't care and that after his mother died Malcolm left him alone for two years.

Malcolm is looking at a picture of him and his family in remorse, then sets it on a table near his dark archer outfit.

Oliver asks Diggle about his ventures that night at the lair. John tells him that he revealed a watered down version of the truth and they know he was coerced into it, then admits he was wrong. Oliver tells him that he is wrong about many things too since he doesn't trust his friends after the island and tells Diggle that he he appreciates him as a partner. Oliver hands the list to Diggle to let him cross off his old friends name, but when John hands it back, he tells him that he doesn't want to know what other names are on that list.

At the hospital, Thea is being released to be taken hope by Oliver. She tries to convince Oliver that Moira is having an affair when the police arrive. They reveal to the siblings that the doctor detected the Vertigo in her system so they are arresting her for driving under the influence of a narcotic.

Oliver sits in a cage when Edward shows up and tells him that he knew the truth because the masks are to allow the truth his mens eyes to be seen clearly and then tells him that he warned him about Yao Fei. A mercenary behind him takes off his mask revealing it to be Yao.


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