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Arrow: Burned Recap


Firefighters are battling a fire at a factory. Inside, Danny De La Vega is busy clearing the upper levels when another man in a fire suit approaches him. First Danny believes he is another firefighter, until the unknown man sprays him with a clear fluid. As he stumbles backwards, the nearby fire spreads to him, and thanks to the fuel sprayed on him, Danny is quickly engulfed in flame, burning alive. Satisfied, the unknown man calmly walks away.

Oliver is back at the Arrow's base exercising to bring himself back into shape after his encounter with the Dark Archer. He has recovered in strength, but not in skill; during his practise shot with a tennis ball he misses the ball completely. Diggle enters asking how his recovery is coming, but upset about his failure, he dodges the question and asks about Walter. John admits that it has been six weeks and that they still haven't found any sign of him, then asks what Oliver is about the working on the list. Oliver tells him that he will still concentrate on his family first.

In a quick flashback, Oliver flees when Deathstroke and Edward's men attack and capture Yao Fei.

At the law office, Joanna and Laurel are talking about case when Quentin and the Fire Chief arrives to break the bad new about her brother Danny. Joanna breaks down in shock so Laurel tries to comfort her.

That evening, Oliver finds his mother looking through old pictures of her and Walter. He has brought some takeout from the Big Belly Burger and offers for her to join him and Thea as they watch a movie, but she refuses. Oliver heads back to Thea where Thea explains that she is back in the same state she was in when Walter disappeared and that Walter is the one that brought her out of the depression. Thea optimistically comments that Walter may just had a mid-life crisis and left Moria, but looks pained when she says it. A new broadcast interrupts them as a woman comments that the vigilante helped bring crime down and asks where he vanished to.

When Laurel returns home she finds Tommy writing a note about getting a drawer, but she tells him that they aren't ready for that yet. Joanna arrives and informs them about her suspicions that Danny may have been murdered. Laurel tries to brush it off as denial, but when Joanna tells her that Danny was coated in turpentine and that he burned hotter than the surrounding fire, she begins to believe.

The following day, Laurel informs her father about the evidence that Joanna has brought to her, and reveals that Leo Barnes, another firefighter died the same way. Quentin tells her it is up to the fire department to investigate it. Kelton, from the CSU, brings him back the phone that Oliver gave him and they inform him that they couldn't get any information to trace it. He sets it down on his desk and tells Laurel that he can't help her, then leaves. As her father leaves, Laurel snatches the phone from his desk. As she leaves, she calls the pre-programmed number asking for help.

Oliver, in disguise, arrives at her apartment that night. She first asks where he was, but when he doesn't answer, she tells him about Danny's murder. He tells her that he heard her conversation where she told him that he is a killer without remorse. She asks if it is true, but he ignores the question and accepts the case.

When Oliver heads to his base the next day, he finds John practising. Oliver tells Diggle about Danny's death and he agrees to check his own contacts too, but asks Oliver what he going to do with the information. Oliver tells him that he will just pass the information to the police, so John questions why he isn't doing the work himself. Before Oliver could answer, an argument above them draws Oliver's attention.

Diggle: "Isn't the whole idea of being a vigilante is that you do the police's job?"

When Oliver finds the source of the argument, he finds Tommy who was just arguing with the contractor who isn't working as fast as he wanted and offers to hold a fund-raiser for the firemen at the new club. Oliver is surprised at his friend's new attitude and agrees.

Back at the law office, Laurel recommends Joanna to take some time off, but she reminds Laurel that she didn't when Sarah dies. Laurel tells her that she is not the best role model for the situation, then Quentin pulls her aside. He tells his daughter that he knows that she took the phone and asks for it back, but Laurel tells him that the vigilante took it back. She tells him that she only wants to help Joanna get closure like she wanted when Sarah died. He tells her that it shouldn't mean lying to family to do it.

At the Queen Manor, Oliver finds Moria in a meeting with Ned Foster, the COO at Queen Consolidated, who warns her that the disappearance of two of her husbands and CEOs have made the investors worried and asks for her to take over the job and leaves. Moria brings Oliver up to speed and tells her children that she doesn't want to become the CEO and leaves as well. Oliver and Thea begin to talk about Moria again but Diggle enters with a false dentist appointment to get Oliver to leave with him. John tells him about a suspicious pick-up truck and that there is a new fire at a chemical plant. Oliver tells him he still wants to leave it for the police, but Diggle convinces him that only he can do anything before it's too late.

Alone in the woods, Oliver is starting a fire to keep warm when a mercenary approaches his position. He tries to put out to fire and hides, but doesn't have enough time resulting in the man radioing in that he may have found him.

At the chemical plant, Lt. Dave Ellet, a firefighter, is walking in a floor when the same unknown man from the last fire hits him in the head causing him to almost fall off the walkway, but grabs hold of the railing. The arsonist takes his hand off the railing as if he is going to help but instead lets him fall into the inferno below. Oliver jumps down just as Dave falls, but the killer easily knocks him down. As the man grabs an incendiary bomb, Oliver notices a firefly tattoo on his hand. The firefly then tosses the bomb between them and disappears.

Back at his base, Oliver is sitting in the dark recalling the island.

Oliver attacks the mercenary, but in the struggle they both topple down cliff. Oliver lands safely into the water, but the mercenary dies as he lands on a rock.

Oliver calls Laurel and informs her of the pickup, the scars and the firefly tattoo he saw. He also mentions that all the men in Engine Company 15 have those same tattoos, and that she should use the information as if she never met him.

John finds Oliver in at the base, then suggests that Oliver isn't back to 100% after all, then attacks him to prove it, but Oliver still quickly gets the upper-hand. Diggle comments that if it isn't physical, then it must be in his mind and tells him to get the confidence that the Dark Archer took that he needs to retake control of his fear. Oliver receives a text from Tommy about the guest list for the fundraiser so he breaks off the lesson.

As Oliver is leaving the fire hall, he bumps into Laurel who tells him that he is there to clean out Danny's locker, and thanks him for offering his club for the fundraiser. Before they part ways, Oliver brings up Tommy's request for a drawer, which she is surprised at due to their past. She tells him that she is an all-or-nothing type of girl, and that, like Oliver she just closes her eyes and jumps in, which may have been why they scared each other away. She tells him that their fears control them instead of the other way around, then heads inside.

In the fire hall, Laurel asks the chief about the firefighters with the firefly tattoo. Oliver joins them as she learns that the group dispersed after the fire that killed Garfield Lynns. Bringing up the events, and all the friends he has lost, upsets him so he refuses to say more. She refuses to tell Oliver why she is asking the questions so they both split up again. Once he is out of earshot, she calls him on the phone. He tells her that he will take it from now on.

At the stream, Oliver pulls himself from the water and notices the dead mercenary on the rock.

Later that evening, Thea tries to get her mother out of the house but she still refuses. Moria tells Thea that she doesn't understand what she is going through but she points out that she too has lost two fathers now. Thea tells her that she has completely abandoned her responsibilities, so Moria tells her to stop talking to her rudely. Thea tells her that she need to start acting like a mother so Thea doesn't need to act like hers, then walks away.

Thea: "Maybe you should start acting like my mother so I don't have to act like yours."

Back at the base, Oliver verifies that Garfield was the first of the firefly to die. Diggle apologizes to Oliver for doubting him earlier, so Oliver admits that he has faced death countless times on the island but he was afraid now because he has his friends and family to worry about. John tells him to use them as a strength instead of a weakness. Back on the topic of the firefly, he points out that all of the other members of the group has alibis when Danny died, and that he is beginning to suspect that Garfield never died at the fire since they could never identify the body.

That night, the fundraiser is in full swing as Tommy meets Laurel at the entrance where she makes sure he is alright with the drawer request. After they kiss, Oliver snags Laurel and they approach the fire chief again. Oliver asks about Garfield's remains, but the chief tries to dodge the question. Laurel applies more pressure on it so he tells them about how the fire was the worst he has ever seen so he tried to pull everyone out, but Garfield wanted to stay since he believed they could control it, so he left him to burn with the building. Oliver tells him that he believes that he didn't die and ready for revenge.

Just then, Garfield walks through the crowd in his uniform; one of the guests scream as they see his burnt face. He starts tossing incendiary grenades around causing flames to spread amongst the building. Tommy tries his best to clear the building as the firefighter approaches the chief, then tells Oliver and Laurel to run. As they flee in separate directions, Garfield spays down the chief with turpentine. Tommy finds Laurel but they are cut off due to part of the building collapsing while Oliver grabs his outfit from his base in the basement.

Garfield Lynns tells the chief how he failed him and how he survived, and just as he is about to light him on fire, Oliver shoots the lighter away, then aims an arrow at Garfield. The chief flees as Oliver tells him that he is afraid to live and offers him help, but he just thanks him and walks into the fire to burn to death.

The following day, Oliver and Thea are watching a broadcast about how the vigilante saved dozens of guests at the fire. Thea catches Oliver smiling at his work, so she asks how he could be happy that his place just burnt down. He tells her they will just start over again.

Oliver: "It was under construction before, now it's just more under construction"

Moria enters the room dressed up in a suit and tells her kids that she has decided to take on the CEO role and thanks Moria for changing her mind. She also tells them that she won't stop the search of finding Walter.

At the law office, Joanna is packing up for her leave of absence to help her mother grieve. As she is about to leave, she gives Laurel Danny's medal for her to give to the cities guardian angel. Quentin arrives as they say their goodbyes and apologizes for his earlier reactions to the phone and that the vigilante has formed a habit of helping her. He also tells her that he doesn't believe her that he took to phone so Laurel gives it back to him. Is appears to be walking away while doing something to the phone, then turns around and gives it back to her.

When the detective returns to the police station, Kelton confirms that bug he placed on the phone is working and that they can now listen to their conversations. He also points out using his own daughter as bait is "stone cold".

As Oliver is working out at the base he fades back into memory.

Oliver is hiding the dead mercenary in the woods and takes his belongings. In one of the pockets in the vest he finds a map of the island and keys.

Diggle approaches Oliver and comments that the place is still in good condition after the fire. Oliver thanks him for his words earlier and makes it clear that he is ready to go hunting again.

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