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Arrow: Vendetta Recap


Helena wakes up next to Oliver, slips out of bed and out the door. Oliver notices. It is still night as she pulls into a back alley on her motorcycle. China White, and her friend Zhishan, are exiting a building and getting ready to get into a car. Helena pulls out a pistol and aims at them through a chain link fence, but Arrow jumps down from the roof above her just before she fires causing her to miss. The entire triad group begins firing at their position so Arrow fires a shot at their car. They all get in and drive away while still firing at them.

Helena pushes Oliver away angry. She explains that she wanted to take out the leaders of the Triad to create a war that her father couldn't survive so she could get justice. He asks her if he can show her his form of justice.

Oliver and Helena are at the Big Belly Burger. Carly mentions that Diggle should be there with him, but he tells her that Helena is stronger than she looks. Oliver comments that it is nice to be on a second date, but she tells him that she isn't looking for anything permanent. He mentions the vendetta, but she points out that he is a killer too. He tells her that he only kills when it is needed and that innocents could get hurt otherwise. Helena tells him that she wants nothing more than to destroy her fathers life, so Oliver tells her that there are other ways to do that. Helena tells him that she isn't interested and leaves.

Later, Diggle finds Oliver at the base. Oliver reveals to him that Helena now knows about his identity, and what she was trying to do. John doesn't like the idea and warns him that she is a killer and that he is worried about her knowing about his secret too. Oliver insists that he needs to try to help her, but Diggle tells him that it likely will not work out.

In the morning, Walter is getting ready for work. Moria asks him how he has been since he found out and assures him that he can still trust her as she was just trying to protect him. He tells her that they need to be honest with each other now, and Moria agrees. Thea interrupts them and asks if she can get a ride to school from Walter, he agrees.

At the Bertinelli Manor, Helena is walking down the stairs as Frank is apologizing for Nick Salvati's death to his wife. He vows to make the killer pay as she leaves. Oliver arrives unexpectedly at the door. Frank tells him he is sorry about leaving him the night before, but Oliver reveals that he is there to see Helena. Frank seems happy that they are together and leaves them alone. Once he is gone, Helena tells him that he didn't want to see him, but he invites her to go with him so he can show her what he means.

Oliver first takes her to Sara's tombstone and reveals his past which caused her death. He insists that she is similar to how he was. She tells him that she is afraid of being hurt again like when Michael was killed, so Oliver promises that it wont happen.

He then takes her to his hideout where he shows her how to use a bow and that she needs to learn patience. She fires a shot but misses. Oliver puts on a show of his skills by shooting at several types of targets, then reveals the list of names. She recognizes Anthony Venza who distributes illegal prescriptions for her dad. Diggle enters and is very upset with Helena being there since he didn't want her to know about him helping Oliver. She recognizes that they need a moment alone so she leaves the room. Diggle repeats his warning about her, and compares him to a drug addict who believes they can help themselves by helping others get clean. He then tells him that if he continues down this path he will end up dead. Oliver doesn't want to hear it.

Tommy arrives that the law office to invite Laurel to a new restaurant. She reminds him of his financial difficulties, then recommends him to ask Oliver for a job. Tommy tells her that he will bring it up with him.

Felicity enters Walter's office and after some bumbling small talk, she informs him of what else she discovered when looking into the information he asked her to find before. She reveals that there was a hacker that accessed the same information, and hands her a symbol she found, which is the same on Oliver's book. He is furious about her looking into Moria's finances and tells her that he will suspend her if she does so again. As she leaves, scared, he grabs the symbol and looks it over.

Helena returns to Arrow's base and Oliver reveals their new target, Venza, but that they will take care of him his way. He also gives her a new crossbow and lets her choose her new costume to protect her identity.

It's night at Venza's warehouse where he is trying to make a deal with some dealers. The lights go out and the two vigilantes announce they he has failed the city. The fight breaks out but it doesn't take long before Venza and his men are captured. The police show up and are arresting them while Oliver and Helena watch from a nearby rooftop. Oliver tells her that the plan went perfect and Helena tells him that it felt good. The two kiss.

The next day, Helena walks up to her dad who is already drinking over the news of Venza. He tells her that he is glad to see that Oliver is making her happy, but his phone rings to draw his attention again. Helena leaves him with his business, happy with the mess she has caused.

Moria is getting ready for a board meeting. As she leaves, Walter looks at the symbol again, then searches her room for it, which he finds on a wooden box in a grandfather clock. He opens it up to find a book similar to Oliver's, but the names are still hidden.

Tommy and Laurel are at the restaurant, but the wait is very long. Tommy tries to use his former popularity to shorten it, but without any money he must wait his turn. Oliver and Helena arrive, so Oliver introduces her to his friends. They get a table right away and invite Tommy and Laurel to join them. While they are talking, Helena feels left out since the others have known each other for so long. Laurel brings up the nightclub and finds out that Tommy hasn't asked him yet. They then accidentally reveal that Oliver and Laurel were together before, which causes everything goes downhill. Tommy walks away from the table first, Laurel follows. He points out how she obviously has feelings for Oliver and that he doesn't want to lose her so they should just stop, and walks away.

Helena storms out of the restaurant too with Oliver following her. He apologizes of what happened, but she tells him that he is still in love with Laurel, then leaves. Oliver tried to stop her but she just tells him that she is done talking.

Tommy arrives at Laurel's apologizing for his actions. She lets him in. He tells her that he has never been responsible for anything before and that she is too good for him without his money. She tells him that her feelings had nothing to do with his money and apologizes that she mentioned Tommy working for Oliver at the dinner. She also tells him that she is there for him if he needs help.

Diggle finds Oliver getting ready to hit the town as Arrow. Oliver tells him that he was right about everything and what happened to Helena. He was hoping that she was going to be his chance for a relationship again, but now believes that she has gone too far to be brought back.

Zhishan is playing cards with his men at a warehouse when Helena breaks in and takes out his guards. When he is the last one left he tells her that when seeking vengeance, to dig two graves, one for the enemy and one for yourself, in Chinese. She tells him that she doesn't understand Chinese then shoots him. One of the thugs are still alive so she tells him that Frank Bertinelli sends his regards.

Felicity is called to Walter's office. She first tells him that suicide near Christmas is often caused by someone losing their job. Ignoring that comment, he tells her that he would like her to learn more about the notebook he found, and warns her that the head of security died when he got too close earlier. Smoak tells him that she hates mysteries so she will get on it.

Oliver arrives at the Triad warehouse to find everyone dead so he calls Diggle to tell him that they have a war on their hands.

Frank Bertinelli, at his manor, finds out about the hit and tells his men to prepare for war. China White, and a small group, have already arrived at the manor to kill everyone. They quickly take out the guards outside, but as the enter, Arrow shows up from atop the stairs and kills one of them. Frank quickly grabs a laptop from his safe and tries to flee, but White finds him first. Just as she is about to kill him, Arrow disarms her, shoots her in the leg, then tells Frank to run.

Frank shoots his way out, but as he is running through his yard, Helena shoots him in the leg with her crossbow. She announces that this is payback for what he did to Michael. He admits he did it to protect the family. She is about to shoot him again when Arrow disarms her. She attacks Arrow and the two fight until Frank gets her crossbow and shoots her in the upper chest. Arrow knocks out Frank, then carries Helena away as the police arrive.

Helena awakens at Oliver's hideout. She asks why he saved him, but he corrects her that he saved her. He tells her that having the death of her father on her hands would have destroyed her, and reveals that her father is going to jail with the evidence they now have on him. She tells him that she is more interested in revenge than justice and to stay out of her way or she will expose him. He tells her that he cares for her, but she tells him that she doesn't feel the same way.

Diggle gets the call from Carly that Oliver is at the restaurant and when he arrives he finds Oliver moping over Chili Cheese Fries with Jalapeños. Diggle tells him that love isn't about making someone the right person but is finding the right person. Oliver tells him that he thinks he already missed the right person. Diggle tells him that he has changed so he just has to find a new person who is right for him.

Felicity walks into Walter's office and turns off the lights to reveal the hidden names in the book with glasses that can pick up different variations in the UV spectrum.

Tommy shows up at the Queen Manor and apologizes to him for what happened at dinner then reveals what his father did. Oliver offers to open his trust fund to him, but Tommy tells him that he would rather have a job, so Oliver gives him the general manager job at his club. When Tommy asks about Helena, Oliver tells him that they just broke up but figures that she will back one day.

Helena speeds away on her motorcycle.

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