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Arrow: Muse of Fire Recap


Oliver is joy riding on his motorcycle when he receives a call from Thea about his lunch with his mother. Oliver doesn't want to go, but Thea tells him to just meet up with her. At Queen Consolidated, Paul Copani and Moria exit the building while Paul reveals his business proposal. She doesn't want anything to do with it. When she notices Oliver park his bike across the street she uses his presence as a reason to get rid of him.

Suddenly, another motorcycle speeds by and opens fire toward Moria and Paul. Paul is killed, Moria is knocked down. Oliver rushes to his mother's side to make sure she is alright, then rushes off after the motorcycle. As he is running, he grabs a piece of rebar and when he is close enough to the bike he throws it at it, but misses the killer. A few trucks suddenly block his path allowing the cyclist to escape.

Moria is at the hospital, but she only has a concussion. Dr. Lamp announces that she can leave as long as someone stays with her to make sure she is alright. Oliver says he is sorry for running after the bike, and that he did so to try to get the licence plate off of it. She tells him that it was foolish, and they hug.

As Oliver leaves the room, Thea approaches him. She is very upset that he left Moria and tells him he isn't much of a hero and that she knows that he is lying about it. While she is heading back to their mother, the detectives arrive. Oliver asks if they found the shooter yet, but they are still looking. Quentin also reveals they believe that she wasn't the target since Paul Copani had deals with the mob.

Laurel is working from home when she hears a knock at her door. She is greeted by two smiling faces, a man who has arrived with her pizza she ordered, and Tommy with takeout from Toro's Sushi. He suspected she would be working late and hungry, so brought over some food. He also asks her to go out with him for dinner. He admits that their relationship is going in the wrong order, but he would really like to just have a dinner with her at a restaurant.

At the Arrow's hideout, Oliver is practising on a Wing Chun Dummy when Diggle arrives and tells him he should take time off since his mother was just attacked. Oliver reveals that Copani was the target and that he isn't the first member of Bertinelli's crew that has been attacked. He wants to go undercover to find out who is after them. John tells him he should be concentrating on his family instead. Oliver tells him he tried that and that his family doesn't understand since he has to keep lying to them about what happened. The only way he knows how to protect him is by finding the shooter.

The shooter drives into a building on the motorcycle and approaches a white board filled with photos of Bertinelli's organization. Copani is crossed off, then the killer removes the helmet revealing it is a woman.

Thea is about to leave the mansion when Oliver stops her. He tells her that he needs to leave for a business meeting and asks her to keep watching over their mother. She is upset with him since she has been doing that all day, but agrees anyway. Tommy also shows up, complements Thea on her dress, then reveals to Oliver his dating plans. Oliver tells him that they both deserve someone special, but he has got to run. He also jokingly warns him not to break her heart.

Oliver arrives at Frank Bertinelli's, who immediately introduces Oliver to his "business associate" Nick Salvati. The woman who was riding on the motorcycle walks by them on the 2nd floor.

Thea and Moria are sitting in a bed talking about Oliver. Thea tells her that she isn't happy with his attitude and lies. Moria states that everyone has lies that they want to keep for themselves, and reveals what Dr. Lamb told her about the Oliver they found may not be the same one they lost. She tells her that they need to stop judging him for who he was and accept him for who he now is.

Frank hands Oliver a glass of whiskey and tells him he is surprised that Oliver is involved with his family's business. As Salvait gets a call and heads to the next room, Frank announces he wants the contract to build the new the new division. They end up on the topic of Moria, the condition of the city, and the reason why he came back. The woman walks in and is introduced as Frank's daughter Helena. She is heading out but Frank wants her to take a guard with her. She tells him she can take care of herself. Nick returns to tell Frank that the meeting he was waiting for is ready now.

Frank takes Helena into an adjoining room to ask her to take Oliver out for dinner to secure the deal. Helena doesn't want to, but he pushes her on, then tells Oliver that Helena will continue with the meeting. He is disappointed that he can't continue dealing with Frank, but accepts anyway.

At a construction yard, Frank and Nick meet with China White and Zhishan. He believes that they are attacking his gang, but she tells him they aren't responsible. He doesn't believe her and tells her that there will be a war if the attacks don't stop. As the others leave, Nick tells Frank that the Triads may not be responsible, but Frank still thinks they are.

Quentin and Hilton have listened to the conversation with the bugs they have left at the scene. Quentin believes that the killer isn't a professional since they aren't accurate enough with guns, so it likely isn't the Triad. He also rules out Arrow since there are no arrows left at the scenes. He figures if there is another attack they will have a mob war on their hands.

Helena takes Oliver to Russo's, a restaurant favorited by Frank. Once alone, she asks Oliver why he is doing business with her father so he asks her if she believes in her family's business. She points out that she shares the name only and they have already made judgments against each other from their families' names. She asks if he was happy being alone on the island, and Oliver admits there were days he did.

Laurel and Tommy are finishing their dinner at an Indian restaurant, which was a bit too spicy for Tommy's tastes. After Tommy hands the waiter his credit card, he tells Laurel he wishes that he could forget the past and make this date their first encounter… until the waiter returns informing Tommy that is credit card has been declined and ordered to confiscate it.

Oliver and Helena are still on the topic of his time on the island and how it changed him. He comments on the cross around her neck and she tells him that it was a gift from her dead fiancé, Michael. They realize that they both have been through events that changed them, and that it feels good that they can talk to someone who understands how they are feeling. Diggle calls Oliver and tells him he has to get out of there and to call him after. Oliver announces he as to go, leaves money on the table for dinner, and tells her that he is glad they went out for dinner. She agrees, then warns him about her father.

The well dressed man walks into Moria bedroom and tells her that they need to talk. He reminds her that they used to be friends and tells her that while her husband lost the conviction for the city's future, he believes that Moria hasn't, and will play a large role in that future.

Outside of the restaurant, Oliver returns Diggle's call. John warns Oliver that Nick has been going after anyone who owes Frank money and that Russo is next. Oliver tells him about the date he was having with Helena and that he was already there, and that Nick's men have just arrived.

Inside, Nick enters the restaurant and demands another payment for the month's protection. Russo tells him he doesn't have it so Nick tells one of his men to break his fingers. The lights suddenly go out and Arrow attacks the thugs. Helena also enters the fight in her vigilante outfit and opens fire. Arrow goes after her, allowing Nick to escape. At the end of the fight, Oliver manages to pull off her helmet to reveal it is Helena. Shocked, he just stands by and lets her escape.

At Arrow's base, Oliver tries to piece together Helena's purpose of attacking her own family's business. Diggle tries to convince him that she is just another bad person he needs to take down, but Oliver tells him that she must have her reasons and that he knows what he is doing.

Detective Quentin is reviewing the security footage at the restaurant to search for the killer's identity. He notices that Oliver was having dinner with Helena earlier, so he pays him a visit at home. Quentin warns Oliver about Helena's family and that he should stay away from them. Oliver asks why he is so protective suddenly. The detective tells him that he made a bad choice last time that almost got him killed, but by warning him of the danger he considers his debt finished.

Tommy walks up to two men fencing, one of which is his father, to discuss why his accounts have been frozen. His father tells him he is sick of paying a king's ransom in fees. When Tommy asks if this is a joke, he tells him that he is, while taking off his mask revealing himself to be the well-dressed man. Mr. Merlyn tells him he is sick of his son's slacking and that he doesn't understand why he didn't close them out sooner. Tommy tells him that it was his money, but his father reminds him that it was his money first, then goes back to fencing.

Later at night, Oliver shows up at a grave site when Helena is visiting her fiancé's resting place. He asks her how loss changed her and she reveals that her love for him turned to hate for his killer. She begins to walking away, but Oliver follows her. A van pulls up and Nick comes out and takes them both to a warehouse where he ties them up. Nick reveals that he found her necklace at Russo's, but Oliver tries to get him off the topic by offering him money. It doesn't work and he continues to interrogate Helena about her betrayal. She tells him about how her father's men killed her fiancé, but Nick reveals that they found out that Michael was collecting evidence for the FBI. She tells him that it was her collecting the evidence. Nick reveals that he killed Michael and that it is her fault that Michael is dead, then pulls out a gun to kill her in same way. Oliver breaks free and tackles Nick just as he is about to fire. Helena breaks free too and goes after Nick while Oliver takes out the rest of his goons. The fight ends with Helena breaking Nick's neck and announces that no one can know her secret.

Later, the detectives get the information on the fight that killed Nick. They both agree that the Arrow is likely not to blame, but hopes that Frank doesn't notice or a war will break out.

Tommy arrives at Laurel's to break the bad news. She tells him that he will be fine, and while lovingly holing his hand, she reminds him that they still have the pizza from the night before.

Walter enters Moria's room and wakes her up by stroking her hair. She is surprised to see him. He tells her that he returned because he misses her, and it didn't have anything to do with the injury.

Oliver is watching from the hallway as Thea approaches. She tells him that she is sorry for how she acted and that she is only worried about him. She reminds him that he needs to share his secrets with someone, hinting for him to reveal them to her.

Instead, Oliver waits for Helena as she exits her bathroom after taking a shower. She reveals that she is aware he is the vigilante from how he fought and the look in his eyes and tells him that Nick deserved to be killed. Oliver warns her about the difference between revenge and justice. In tears, she tells him that they are the same. He asks why she is crying. She tells him that she has been alone for so long and that it feels good to finally tell someone. After Oliver finishes her sentence, then they kiss passionately.

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