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Arrow: Legacies Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

More than one way to save the city

Since its premiere, Arrow has been all about the names in the book, and even though hunting down those names took a backseat this week, the origins of the hunt were finally revealed.

Robert made a surprise return this episode, but was far too obvious that it was a dream right from the beginning. A man doesn't just wake up after being shot and buried in rocks to visit with his son... unless he is after his brain. The trick to reveal the names on book was neat though, but I wonder how many pages he lost before figuring it out.

It was great to see this series taking a break from the standard missions and actually fight crime for a change. While the names in the book will surely introduce a wide range of super baddies for him to fight, it will be his encounters with the colourful gangs, like the Royal Flush Gang in this episode, which will define his character's future. It is a shame the way it ended though; I was hoping for more of a recurring role. Perhaps they can hold a daddy recruiting drive.

I also loved the way Diggle is starting to push Oliver into lighter choices. His "kill only when needed" attitude, and his push to stop crime in every way, is already making a difference. I think it will be much harder for him to trick Oliver into a case next time, but this one did work out well for both of them.

Tommy and Laurel's relationship was pushed further along this week too, with the sacrifice of poor Thea's feelings. Thea gave him great advice since she thought that it was for her and instead she got her heart broken. Tommy's older brother attitude worked very well though, which I hope they use more in future episodes.

Moria and Oliver's re-bonding was shaky at the start, but the writers nailed it at the end. Big Belly Burger is going to start advertising that they are the burger joint of choice for the Queen's if this keeps up though. The Doctor Oz / Wizard of Oz joke was very well done too.

"Legacies" was an amazing episode and for the first time it actually felt like Arrow was a hero and not just a man with a mission. I hope as the season continues we will see more hero and less vengeance.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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