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Arrow: Legacies Recap


Three masked men, with an ace, king and jack on the masks, burst into a bank shooting into the air. One of the tellers hits a button as she ducks under the desk and onto the ground. The bank manager tells the one with the ace that he can't jack hammer into the safe so he punches him out. An off duty cop is about to reach for his gun when a nearby woman freaks out, which alerts ace, who then shoots him. The King is not happy with the killing.

Outside, the police arrive, and Detective Hilton demands for them to give up and release the hostages. Shortly after, all the hostages, wearing masks, rush out of the bank. The police storm inside to find a hole was made in the vault floor and that the robbers are gone. Inside the tunnels below, the King reaffirms that he is very upset with the Ace's killing of the cop.

At Arrow's hideout, Diggle and Oliver are sparring with poles, and repeatedly, Diggle is taken down. Diggle asks how he learnt how to fight on the island and Oliver gives up Yao Fei's name, but nothing more. Oliver reveals his next target from his list of names, Scott Morgan. He has been cutting off power to the poor, even in winter. Diggle tells him that winter is still a month away and shows Oliver an article about the bank robbers named the Royal Flush Gang. Oliver tells him he doesn't go after street criminals as they are only a result of the main corruption. Diggle points out that he has a bad definition of what it means to be a hero, but Oliver tells him he isn't one and this is only goal is to keep his promise he made to his father.

In the island cave, Oliver tears out a page of his fathers journal and throws it into a fire. Suddenly he notices his father, Robert, appears in the cave and grabs him. In shock he scampers away from him, stands up, and stares in disbelief of seeing his father again.

At the legal office, Joanna and Laurel are in disbelief that Stagg Industries, one of their largest financial donors, has pulled out of the firm. Tommy arrives and proposes to whisk Laurel away for some fun, but she brushes him off. He explains that he is only taking up her offer to learn more about him. Laurel tells him about the funding loss and that she is preoccupied.

Thea and Oliver are talking as they head down to the main floor of the manor about Moria's regression since Walter's leaving. As they near the base of the staircase, Moria announces that Janice Bowen and her son Carter are coming for brunch. Oliver knew Carter from high school and was highly praised by Moria. The two siblings try to duck out of the brunch, but Moria continues to insist until they begrudgingly agree. Oliver gets a call from Diggle that Scott Morgan has attempted suicide and that he will be at the hospital soon.

Oliver is about to leave when Tommy shows up to have some fun, but like Laurel, he too is too preoccupied. Thea walks up behind him offering to help with what is bothering him. Tommy tells Thea that he is trying to woo an unnamed woman but doesn't know how to get her attention as his normal bag of tricks doesn't work on her. Thea suggests that he should find out what she is interested in and show that he too is interested in it. Thea calls her amazing, kisses her on the cheek, and runs out the door.

Diggle meets Oliver at the hospital and reveals that he tricked Oliver into helping Stan, the cop that was shot during the bank robbery. Jana thanks Diggle for the financial help for the treatment, but he introduces Oliver as the generous benefactor. After she leaves, Diggle tells him he doesn't give up from those who need help, and Oliver tells him that he has convinced him to go after the robbers.

At the hideout, they review footage from the robbery and notice a ring on Ace's hand. Oliver figures that the hit was hard enough to leave a specific mark and that the police will have it in evidence.

Later, during the night, Arrow sneaks into the police station, having to hug the ceiling at one point to avoid detection, and downloads the entire case's files onto a flash drive.

The following day, Laurel arrives to her office to find that Tommy is already there talking to Joanna. He tells her that his company, Merlyn Global group, is willing to help keep her office running. Laurel immediately refuses, so Joanna pulls her aside and tells her that they need the money, regardless of why he is offering it. Laurel then repeats the exact words Joanna told her say to Tommy, accepting his offer.

Oliver is reviewing the images and finds out that the ring is from Larchmont High School. After checking the records, he finds only one likely suspect, Kyle Reston, who dropped out just before his last year in school. When he dropped out, his entire family dropped off the grid. He also learns that on top of the three robbers, a woman hostage also never left the bank with the rest. Suddenly he remembers about the brunch and rushes out to the manor, and arrives there just in time. There he talks with Janice and Carter, and finds out about Carter's career as a doctor and scientist. Oliver calls him a hero.

Oliver reviews the photos and confirms that the impression is of Larchmont High School. Checking the records, he confirms that one student, Kyle Reston, disappeared five years ago right before his senior year. His family--a father, mother, and younger brother--disappeared at the same time. After checking the recording of the robbery, Oliver confirms that one more hostage left the bank than was inside, meaning that the female robber came out with the hostages. As he goes over the evidence, Oliver realizes that he's late for the brunch and heads out. He gets to the manor just in time and makes small talk with Janice and Carter. Carter is talking about his career as a doctor and research scientist and Oliver comments that Carter is the hero.

The Royal Flush Gang are in a truck, arming up to hit another bank. The King, Darek, tells that Ace, his son Kyle, not to shoot anyone this time.

Diggle interrupts Oliver's brunch to inform him that the robbers are at it again. Oliver makes up an excuse about his new business, apologizes to his mother and leaves.

The three men are running through the sewers with their duffel bags full of money, but the police have caught onto their escape plan, so Kyle opens fire on them. A firefight breaks out and Arrow arrives. Instead of targeting the men, he shoots the bags with new arrows that wraps up the bags and anchors them to the ground. After their money is out of their hands, the gang flees, and Arrow follows. The police spot Arrow and try to arrest him instead, so he ducks into a small corner and let them run by.

As just shadows in the night, the Royal Flush Gang discuss their next move. Darek wants to move to Mexico, but the youngest son, Teddy, announces they don't have enough money yet. Kyle tells them that they need to continue until they are set. Derek doesn't think it is a good idea, but accepts anyway.

Oliver and Diggle meet with Felicity to check on the learn more about the family. She tells them that Darek works at the Queen factory for 15 years, and lost his job when Robert Queen closed the factory in 2007. Since Robert made sure he had a legal loophole to allow him to get away from paying severance packages, Darek lost his job and got nothing to support his family.

In the cave, Robert tells Oliver that he begged him to survive, but if he doesn't think he can, there is still one more bullet in the gun, which he hands to Oliver. Oliver tells him he is starving and that he isn't as strong as he was, then puts the gun up to his head.

Oliver tells Diggle that he is going to look for Darek Reston at a bar he frequented, and if he is there he will give him a chance to fix things. He blames his family for letting this happen, so he has to give him a chance.

Tommy and Laurel are planning a fundraiser for the firm, but Laurel still doesn't know why he is doing this. Tommy talks about a recent girl he picked up, and only realized he was with her two years earlier when they got to her place. He immediately left her because he remembers the times he woke up next to Laurel, and found it more enjoyable than any other girl he has been with.

Oliver finds Darek winning at poker, so he sits down across from him and explains what he is doing there. Darek blames his father for what happened and that he purposely lied to the employees about shutting down the factory until one day it was just closed. Oliver tells him that people make the wrong choices when they are hurt, and tells him they can turn it around if they do the right thing. Robert can't do that anymore, but he can. He apologizes and offers him a job, but Darek refuses to accept help him due to his father messing up his life. Oliver hands Darek a card and tells him to call if he changes his mind and that they are both dealing with the consequences of his father's bad choices. As Oliver leaves, he quietly puts a listening bug into his jacket pocket.

At his hideout, Oliver is listening to the families plans for their next robbery. Since the family is going to continue anyway, he decides that he will have to stop them.

Later that night, Diggle and Oliver show up to the fundraiser for Laurel's law office, already Oliver has a plan to leave when they need to. Tommy compliments Laurel on her dress, but she laughs it off as he has never used the word lovely before. As Joanna joins them, Tommy notices Thea has arrived and goes to thank her for her advice, then returns to Laurel. Thea is disappointed that it wasn't for her and is obviously envious over Laurel. Carter joins Tommy and Laurel and whisks Laurel away from Tommy, who is now upset that he was mistaken that he was getting a chance.

Oliver finds Moria at the bar and tells her he is sorry about brunch. Moria tells him that she is disappointed that he isn't interested in spending time with her or telling her the truth since returned from the island. Diggle whispers in his ear that they are hitting the bank. Oliver tells her that he has to go again and tries to apologize but she just tells him not to bother as he leaves.

Darek and Kyle enter the Redwood United Bank, chloroform the guard, then blast open the vault. As they are taking the money, they hear a noise from the outside so Kyle checks it out. When Arrow sees him he fires off an arrow, but Kyle brought a riot shield to deflect them. Kyle fires off a clip at Arrow, who ducks behind the counter. Darek lowers his King mask to check out and Arrow continues the attack, hitting Kyle in the chest, but his bulletproof vest protects him. The Guard awakens and gets a shotgun. Arrow tries to tell him to let him handle it. Seeing his son in danger, Darek dives between the guard and Kyle as the shotgun goes off. Arrow knocks out Kyle and tells the guard to call for an ambulance. Oliver and Darek reveal who they are and Darek tells Oliver that it was Kyle's fault and that he (Darek) is to blame for what Kyle has become.

Oliver pulls the trigger of his father's pistol but nothing happens. He realizes that he is just hallucinating and tells his father that he isn't strong enough. Robert apologizes for the lies over ears and that he loves him.

The police arrive at the bank and Arrow disappears.

Tommy is watching Laurel and Carter dance at the fundraiser. Thea, drunk, approaches Tommy and asks him to dance. He knows that Thea is trying to get his attention so he tells her that he only thinks of her as a younger sister. She tells him that Laurel doesn't know him like she does is used to being rejected by everyone. He takes her outside, and Laurel follows to catch Thea vomiting in the Alley. Upset, he tells Laurel she should go back and continue dancing with Carter. She reveals that she only danced with him since he is giving a big donation to the office. Tommy tells her that he has problems thinking straight when it comes to her. Thea asks for cab, but Tommy offers to take her home instead. As Thea is entering the car she apologizes to Laurel for making a scene. As he is about to leave, Laurel tells him that she owes him a dance too. Thea asks him not her hate her, but he tells her he can never hate her.

Diggle arrives at the hideout to find Oliver sulking in the dark. He tells Oliver that it wasn't his fault, but he still thinks it is. John tells him that his father would be proud of what he tried to do and tells him that there are more ways than the list to save the city and that the officer from the original robbery is making a full recovery.

In the cave, Oliver wakes up from his dream and is tears a page out of his father's book to burn, but as he brings them close to the flames the writing is revealed. He brings the book up to the flame to reveal the rest and sees the list of names. He promises that the will accept his responsibility.

Oliver finds his mother pouring a drink as he arrives home. She tells him she is sorry about what she said and that she has been lonely since Walter left. Oliver admits that he has missed her too and takes her out for a dinner. They sit down at the Big Belly Burger, and Moria is about to cut up the burger with a knife and fork, but Oliver tells her that it's alright to get their hands dirty once in a while. She tells him that Carter doesn't know the best burger place in town. Oliver comments that he has one thing on him, but Moria tells him that he has everything on him.

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