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Arrow: An Innocent Man Review

***The review below contains a few spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Overstuffed with pointy objects

The past two episodes have been more relaxed compared to the brim full premiere, but this episode puts it right back on track, and then goes a bit further.

I'm all in for good stories, but I think this episode just crossed the line of what was too much to take in. We had John Diggle's choice and the brief bit about his brother, Oliver's struggles with his family and friends, Peter Deklan's story, Jason Brodeur's history, the missing 2.6 million dollars, Laurel's love life, the new Well-Dressed Man, and Oliver's secret identity. That is a lot of content for 41 minutes of air time. Sure it was exciting, but just too much going on at once.

There was still much to like in the jumbled mess of stories, like how it was everyone else's turn to bring Oliver to the light since he has done a great job with them. When Oliver first returned, everyone was a mess, but his friends and family have become more stable since his return, especially Thea. Oliver is still a murdering mess, and that is starting to change. I don't mind my heroes killing to get things done, but Oliver's trail of bodies is getting excessive.

It was also great to see John Barrowman back on TV again, even though it was a very minor role so far. That may change in the coming episodes though.

Smoak was back in this episode too. Compared to all the other rich people in this series, she is the only one that most viewers will be able to relate too, even if she is super smart. Her attitude around Walter was fantastic too. I hope that she gets a larger role as the season continues.

I was very surprised that Walter was left out of Moria's plans with the Gambit. My first impression of him was another crook that Oliver was going to take down eventually, but instead he might be one of the good guys. I still don't understand why Moria didn't just destroy the evidence.

Of everything that happened in this episode, the ending was the most unexpected. This was the type of cliff-hanger that I would expect for a season or mid-season finale, not the fourth episode. Even though it will drive a lot of viewers to watch next week's episode, I think it should have just stayed in the next episode to give those extra few minutes for one of the other stories.

Besides having too much content crammed into one episode, "An Innocent Man" was still a great time. I hope that the writers are more conservative in the future episodes to prevent the rush of information we were given in this episode.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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