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Arrow: An Innocent Man Recap

The episode continues from where we were left off – John Diggle waking up to see Oliver Queen in his Arrow suit. Before Oliver can explain John takes a few swings at Oliver, which he easily avoids. After stopping him from future attacks, he tells Diggle that he brought him there as he would like him to help. Diggle, obviously disgusted in Oliver, tells him that he is just another criminal and a killer, then finds his way out.

When Oliver gets back home, Laurel is waiting for him, also disgusted. She tells him he is being self-centered again since he never thought out how his disappearance after the shooting affected his friends and family.

As she leaves, Thea approaches him since she heard what Laurel told him and tries to comfort her brother. He tells her that she was the second friend to have taken him to the woodshed, and that it has left him exhausted.

That night, he dreams about his time on the island again. His new friend, Yao Fei, places a caged bird next to him, and utters a word in Chinese that Oliver doesn't understand. With a photo of Laurel in his had, he tells her he is sorry, then he wakes up.

Unable to sleep further, he makes his way downstairs to find Thea watching a new broadcast about Peter Declan, who was convicted of murdering his wife. His sister asks her what is keeping him awake, so he tells her he was having a nightmare about Laurel. She then asks why he didn't make a play for her, beside the obvious reasons. He tells her that he isn't the same person anymore. She tells him he should just be himself and let her decide.

The next morning, Oliver learns that Diggle quit since he didn't like how Oliver spent his evening, and that he now has a new bodyguard, Rob Scott. Rob tells him that he used to be part of SWAT, which Oliver pokes fun at him for.

The news is reporting about Peter Declan again, but this time when Oliver hears the name Jason Brodeur, he realizes that this murder was likely a setup since he is on his father's list. He tells Rob to get the car since he wants to go to town. At first he refuses as he thinks that Oliver will sneak out while he is outside. Oliver tells him he can't go to town without a car, but once he does get the car, Oliver speeds by on his motorcycle.

Oliver, at his base, finds that the case against Peter will be hard to break since he had no alibi and all the evidence was against him.

Brodeur is shown meeting with his guard, Ankov, who points out that he should have just killed Peter. Jason tells him that framing Peter steered the press away from the toxic dumps that his wife uncovered and that within 2 days, everything will be done anyway.

As Oliver continues to make more Arrows, he decides that Peter is going to need help, and Laurel is the just woman for the job.

That night, at the Law Office, Joanna is upset that Laurel is never in the mood to go out for some fun, and that she will never meet anyone if she doesn't. Laurel doesn't care and just leaves for home. Once there, she finds an open window in her apartment, so immediately gets her gun out. Arrow, using a voice distorter, he convinces her that he is not her enemy, and that Peter Declan was framed. He slowly lowers her gun and that he came to her as he knows that she will do anything to save an innocent man. While deciding if she will do it, Arrow slips out again.

The following day, Laurel meets up with Peter at the Penitentiary, who insists that he is innocent, despite the evidence. She points out the argument that he had with his wife, Camille, the night of the murder. He explained that he disagreed with her choice to tell her boss about the toxic waste dumping that she learnt about, and that he got angry and left for the night. The next morning he returned to apologize but instead found her dead.

At Queen Consolidated, Moria visits Walter to remind him about the lunch that he missed. He apologizes that he lost track of time, and that he has learnt that 2.6 million dollars is missing from the company. He tells her it might be a bookkeeping error, but they are checking it to make sure to avoid an audit, then leaves with her.

At the Police Station, Laurel discusses her case she is building for Peter to her father. Quentin tries to push it aside by stating that if he would have thought there was anything to investigate he would have done so and that Itsook, Camille's supervisor, claims that he never talked with Peter's wife before the murder. He mentions he is surprised that she is defending a murderer, but she replies that she thinks he might be innocent.

At Big Belly Burger, Diggle is visiting with his sister-in-law, Carly. She asks about his injured shoulder and if he hurt it defending Oliver just as Rob and Oliver enter the diner. Queen tries to introduce himself in a friendly manor to Carly, but she just walks away from him.

With his new guard stating watch, Oliver sits down with John to discuss his earlier offer. Diggle doesn't believe Oliver's intentions, so he reveals his father's journal and tells him the truth about his father's death. He also explains that the man he just killed, Deadshot, was likely the man who killed his brother John. He asks for his help again, then sneaks heads to the washroom. After a minute, Diggle informs Rob that Oliver is long gone.

At the manor, Walter is still working on his laptop when Moria approaches him claiming that she invested the money in a friend's company three years ago and that she will clear it up in the morning.

At the law office, Joanna questions Laurel about how she ended up on Peter's case. Reluctantly, she tells her that the vigilante is the one that brought this case before her, and even though she disagrees with his methods, she feels safe around him.

Later that night, Laurel and Arrow meet on an unknown rooftop where she admits that he might be correct about Peter, and that Istook may have the answers. He tells her that he will interrogate the man, but she tells him that she doesn't want to break the law. Arrow tells her that he only does what he needs to do in order to protect the people he loves, then swings away off the roof.

At Walter's office, he summons Felicity Smoak to his office. Her first impressions are that he is firing her, and makes herself look like a fool in the process. He tells her that he wants her to look into the missing money to find out what really happened to it. She thanks him for not firing her and that she will do what she can.

As Istook is heading home, Arrow shoots a drugged dart at him, which knocks him unconscious. He then wakes up chained to a train track, and Arrow begins interrogating him. Istook admits he lied to the courts because Brodeur paid him to and that he can find the file he is looking for in his office. As a train is about to hit him, Arrow fires an arrow to break the train allowing him to barely escape with his life.

On the island, Oliver has grown hungry and is upset that his new friend refuses to give him any food. Instead he points to the bird and indicates the wants Oliver to kill it for his food, but Oliver states he isn't a killer.

Back at the law office, Laurel is alone working on the case. Arrow kills the lights and gives her the file. She admits that she wouldn't have gotten the file otherwise, and that she now believes that Starling City needs someone who cares about the lives of other people... like he does. Pleased, he leaves and turns the lights back on.

Back at home. Thea finds Oliver smiling and makes fun of him about it. He admits that he has taken her advice and it is helping. Rob returns, upset, and Oliver tells him that he needs to learn to keep up.

The following day, Quentin finds Laurel at her office and informs her that Istook has filed a report against Arrow and that Laurel is working with the vigilante. She tells him that she had to do it to save an innocent man's life. He tells her that she is now an accessory to the crime and that she promised they wouldn't lie to him.

Later, she talks to Judge Moss to request the execution to be put on hold, but Jason and his lawyer, Swanstrom, enter and accuses her of slander. Moss refuses as the file isn't enough to warrant it. Laurel leaves, disgusted, and warns Jason that they won't stop her.

Afterwards, Jason tells Sanstrom and Ankov to deal with Laurel. Ankov hints that he knows ways to dispose of them both when Laurel and Peter next meet.

Once it gets dark, Laurel and Arrow meet again. She tells him that only a signed confession will free Peter now, so he leaves to get it.

At Walter's office, Felicity reveals her findings. The money setup on offshore company, but it doesn't exist in official files. It did purchase a warehouse in Starling City though,

Back at Big Belly Burger, Diggle talks to her sister-in-law again. She tries to convince him to move on with his life, but he that his brother's murder is still bothering him. He goes on to admit that he felt that he made a difference in Afghanistan, but he lost that feeling since he returned, and that he is thinking of doing something more again. Carly tells him that anything that he believes is right cannot be wrong.

At Jason's office, Arrow demands that he confesses his crimes. He refuses so Arrow shoots him through the hand, pinning him against the wall in the process. Jason's phone rings, so Arrow demands him to answer it. Ankov tells his boss that the hit is happening in an hour. Jason tells him that Ankov is going to kill Peter and Laurel, so Arrow knocks him unconscious and leaves.

At the Penitentiary, Peter and Laurel are meeting and he tells him that she will still continue to work at saving him. Suddenly the power goes out and a prison riot begins. Arrow knocks out a guard and steals his uniform so he can enter without questions, but still wears a ski mask.

The guards tell Laurel to stay where they are until reinforcements arrive, but the riot reaches them and knocks the guard out, then head for Laurel and Peter. Arrow arrives in time and shoots a prisoner and tries to get them out. Ankov appears and tries to strangle Laurel, but Oliver attacks the man, and if Laurel didn't stop him, he would have killed him. The guards arrive to take over and Oliver escapes.

After the riot, Quentin arrives admits that Laurel was right since Ankov confessed to Peter's murder and Jason's order. Laurel also admits that he was right and that Arrow is a murderer and that she saw him attack Ankov without remorse. Overhead, Oliver observes their conversation from the shadows.

On the island, Oliver asks Yao Fei to kill the bird as he's never killed anything before. He ignores him until Oliver finally does kill it.

As Laurel and Quentin leaves the scene, she asks how Arrow got into the prison with a uniform and ski mask. This gives Quentin and idea.

Walter finds the warehouse that was purchased and finds a keypad at the door. He figures it has to be personal to Moria so he tries names until he enters in Robert. Inside he finds the remains of the Queen's Gambit.

Detectives Quentin and Hinton review the footage from Deadshot's attack again, until they find footage of Oliver removing his arrow disguise from the trash bin.

The next day, Laurel picks up Peter, who has been released from prison, so he can be reunited with is daughter. Meanwhile, Jason is arrested from Ankov's confession, and Oliver crosses his name from the list.

Back on the island again, Oliver is eating the cooked bird he killed and his friend speaks in English for once, telling him that he will need to learn to kill to survive, and that he if he continues apologizing to a photo, he wont.

Moria has another meeting, this time with the well-dressed man. He tells her that the vigilante is going after the people on the list.

At the manor, Oliver tells Diggle that Rob just quit. Diggle tells him that he is ready to sign on to help him, but will ensure that there are fewer casualties now. He also tells Oliver that war can strip humanity from a man. Oliver promises that he won't forget as the shake hands.

Suddenly, Quentin arrives and arrests Oliver for murder and for being a vigilante.

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