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Arrow: Lone Gunman Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

They're Dropping Likes Flies!

Arrow is following the DC Universe so much more than past superhero series, but even with the famous names being plastered all over the place, all the villains are often nothing more than cardboard cutouts.

This week's big bad was Deadshot! While he looked awesome, there wasn't anything behind this character. His tattoos tell a story of his kills, but not much of one. This enemy should have been so much more than just a man with guns, but that is all he really was. It was fitting that Oliver was surprised he fell so quickly; I know I was.

The one major issue that I have with this series is that they are killing off villains too quickly. Deadshot should have been a recurring villain, maybe even one that showed up every so often, only to retract into the shadows again. At the rate they are cutting down the threats, the writers are going to have to create new villains after the first season, and that will really upset fans.

Oliver's life outside of the Arrow was really well done though. Since his return, everyone has been slowly adjusting to his return, while Oliver has been pushing them into directions they wouldn't have expected. Tommy is becoming a better person, Moria is becoming a better parent, Thea is being pushed out of the drug life, Laurel is beginning to forgive Oliver and gets to use her self-defence training on goons, and John Diggle is finding himself useful again.

I am sure that Diggle was suspecting it for a while but now he is right in the middle of Ollie's war. I can't to see how he reacts to the whole thing. Will this be the end of the narration? I really hope so.

I also loved the brief introduction of Felicity Smoak, who is the IT girl of Queen Consolidated. I hope we see more of her, and they actually build her up to be a larger role. I still can't believe that Ollie tried to cover up the bullet holes in the laptop.

There were barely any flashbacks this episode, and the ones we got didn't really tell us much, other than he wasn't alone on the island. I do wonder why there are so many armed men there; is it a training ground or secret base for someone?

Other than my concern over the villains, "Lone Gunman" was still a great episode. I'm just not too sure how long they can keep this going though.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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