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Arrow: Honor Thy Father Recap


Honor Thy Father begins with fight on a rooftop with Marcus Redmond and his henchmen. It doesn't take long for Arrow to defeat his men and give Redman a warning he couldn't refuse; call his partner and tell him to return the money he embezzled, or hit the fan.

The following day, a new report declared that Redman has returned over 30 million dollars to his pensioners, but sources claim he was forced by the hooded vigilante to do it.

Oliver and family had a day in court the next day as it was time to get him declared legally alive, with help of the family lawyer. Tommy makes the point that Oliver is no stranger to the courts as he has been through them 4 times already from his past life. This case was a bit harder for him as he was remembering dark memories of the night of the sinking.

On his way out of the court room, they bump in the Laurel and her associates, who reminds Oliver of what he told her during his party and that it was good advice, mainly to make sure her friends don't get too close to him.

As they exit the building, the press has surrounded Martin Somers, a business man who is claiming he is innocent of the charges laid against him. Once they get close enough for the reporters to notice, they all turn their attention on him, forcing Diggle and Tommy to get him in the car in a hurry. Although, Oliver drives off before they can get in, which upsets both Diggle and Tommy.

Back in the courtroom, we learn that Somers is Laurel's new target. Emily's father, Victor Nocenti, discovered that his employer was taking bribes from the Chinese Triads so they could bring their drugs in Starling City. Laurel isn't the only one after Somers. Back at Oliver's hideout, Arrow has a new name to scratch off his list.

During that night, Martin was having a meeting with his lawyers when the lights go out, and Arrow arrives. After making short work of Somers' men, Arrow Somers up and hangs him from a crane as he fires off arrows next to his head while warning him to confess his crime or he will be back again.

After he Oliver gets home, he walks into Moria drilling into Diggle for not being able to keep up with her son. Oliver makes up a story about a secret girl, but Moria tells him that she just can risk him getting lost to her again. Oliver also apologizes to John Diggle for giving him so much trouble, although his guard warns him that he will give up if Oliver sneaks off without him again, which Ollie accepts.

As they are finishing up, Thea walks by as she is heading out to get drunk, and lets him know that she is aware that he pick-pocketed her drugs the last time. Oliver tries to convince her to change her life again by playing the daddy won't approve card, but she just blows it off and leaves.

The following day, Detective Quintin Lance visits Martin Somers after hearing about his exploits with Arrow. Martin tried to cover it up by telling him that it was a joke, but Quintin shows that he doesn't believe him by matching a hole in his desk with one of the arrows. Somers' then counters with the detective having a conflict of interest with his daughter's case against him, then warns him that he and his daughter will not like to find out what he can do when he gets emotional.

At the office of Queen Consolidated, Moria and Walter explain that they are expanding the business into Applied Sciences and are opening a new division dedicated to Robert. On top of that, they want Oliver to take control of it, but Oliver refuses. Walter tried to sympathize with Oliver, but instead Ollie snaps at him about Walter sleeping with his mother. Moria then tells Oliver that his attitude is much less charming than it used to be.

Back in the car, Diggle shows that he understands Oliver more that the rest and that he may not be as messed up as he should be.

In a quick flashback, Oliver wakes up to hear seagulls swarming his father's corpse, which is still on the raft. He rushes over to the raft, scares away the birds, then picks up his father's corpse.

At the legal-aid office, Laurel and Joanna try to warn her that many people don't want the trial to continue, and that they will try to harm her and her reputation to stop it. Emily stands her ground though. Quintin arrives with a team of cops in tow and tells the three of them are now under police custody. Laurel gets very upset with her father's protectiveness, but the detective warns her that the vigilante is making things more dangerous for them. Even though she doesn't like it, they all get a police escort.

That night, Somers meets up with a woman representing the Chinese Triads named China White who tells Martin that in order to make his problems go away that she will kill Laurel Lance.

The next day, Thea walks in on Oliver changing and notices the scars on his body. Oliver refuses to talk about his part so Thea comments that he only wants to talk about her and her social life. He apologizes and tells her that he isn't ready to talk about it yet. Thea then takes him to the grave stones for him and his father where she tells him that Moria stopped visiting them after a month and that she didn't even talk to Thea anymore. With no one else to be with, she used to talk to his spirit and that she felt closer to him in death than she does now. She then tells Oliver that he needs to let someone back into his life.

So that night, Oliver drops in on Laurel, who points out that they keep bumping into each other and that it is difficult to avoid him. Oliver tells her that he knows he is a jerk, a damaged jerk, but a jerk who has ice cream. As they eat, he opens up to her about what Moria wants him to do and what he wants. She admits that she has the same problems with her father. Oliver then points out how much Quintin dislikes him, but Laurel states that he blames himself more than he blames Oliver.

Suddenly Oliver hears someone outside on the fire escape and gets Laurel to the door, but two thugs storm in, with China White. They immediately begin shooting at them, so Oliver does his best at keeping her safe until Diggle arrives. He quickly takes out the two goons, then gets into a fight with China White. She is almost kills John but Oliver throws a kitchen knife across the room, disarming her. She then quickly escapes out the window.

Quintin soon arrives. After confirming the other two are dead, he thanks Diggle for saving his daughter, and tells Oliver to stay away from Laurel. Laurel tries to object, but Oliver tells the detective he understands and leaves.

Back at the mansion, Diggle thanks Oliver for saving him, but Oliver tries to convince him that he just got lucky. He doesn't believe Ollie as he was too good with throwing that knife, and that he is starting to realize they kind of person Oliver really is. Oliver goes back to his hideout and prepares to pay Mr Somers a visit again.

Martin Somers is already packing in the wake of China White's failure. As his bodyguard calls out to another, Arrow answers the radio and tells him that he has arrived.

Laurel's father tries to convince Laurel to excuse herself from the case, but she refuses because it is her job and that she is doing what he taught her to do. Quentin tells her that it isn't fair that she is using him against him, which she response that she learnt that from him too. The detective then gets a call about trouble at the docks, so he quickly leaves his daughter.

At the docks, Arrow is dodging gunfire while taking out more of Somers' men, until he chases him into a cargo bay. With a few well shot arrows, he pins him to a crate, then keeps shooting arrows near him until he finally gets a confession out of him. But before he could leave, China White shows up and keeps him occupied until the police arrive, then escapes because Quentin stopped Arrow. The detective demands that he surrenders, but Arrow turns around and fires an arrow next to his head, disarms him, then disappears. When Quentin retrieves his weapon, he notices the arrow had a recorder with Martin's confession.

Back at his hideout, Oliver decides that it is time to show the world the Oliver he needs them to see.

At the ceremony the next day, with his friends and family in attendance, a drunk Oliver stumbles out showing the world that he is not the man to lead the company. He states that he isn't even half the man his father is and asks them to stop pressuring him to be that man.

Later, at the office, Laurel and Joanna watch a newscast confirming that Somers is going to jail. Emily thanks them for their assistance, and Laurel thanks her for her courage. As they are finishing up, Detective Lance walks in and tells Laurel that he is getting grilled about letting the vigilante get away at the docks. Laurel then notes that he can't be so bad if he helped put Somers away. Quentin still promises to teach the man that he can't break the law in his city.

In another flashback, Oliver brings Robert's body to a rock where he finds his dad's journal. As he flips through the pages, he notices they are all blank, other than an odd symbol.

Moria then meets with an unknown man where she tells him that Oliver appears to know nothing about what Robert knew, or the sabotage of the yacht and that he is no threat. The same symbol is shown on an item in his hands.

Oliver returns to his and his father's gravestones were he tells his father that his return is harder than he though and that he sometime needs to dishonour his father's memory so he can complete his promise to him. As he leaves, he instructs the workers to tear down both stones.

In the final flashback of the episode, Oliver finishes piling rocks on his father's corpse to protect it when someone shoots him from behind. Oliver turns around to see a man readying another arrow wearing a green outfit.

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