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Arrow: Oliver Queen / Arrow

Oliver Queen / Arrow
Oliver "Ollie" Queen / Arrow
Played By: Stephen Amell


Age: 27
Family: Thea (sister), Moria (mother), Robert (father, deceased), Walter Steele (step-father)
Episodes: All (Main Character)

Oliver Queen is a billionaire playboy whose parents created and ran Queen Consolidated. Five years ago, the family yacht, The Queen's Gambit, sunk; he was the only survivor. After his long awaited rescue, he is back in Starling City, but instead of returning to his old life, he has made it his duty to clean up the corruption in the city under the guise of Arrow.


(Spoilers Below)

Life Before Rescue:

Oliver was a regular tabloid presence and fixer of the Starling City club scene. He was acquitted of assault charges from a drunken altercation with paparazzi just before his trip with his father on their family's yacht, the Queen's Gambit.

The Queen's Gambit sunk, taking Sarah Lance with it in the process. Although Oliver was picked up by his father Robert and his first mate, the raft's provisions ran low, and in the end Robert chose to keep Oliver alive at the cost of their own. But before he passed, he told Oliver of his shady life and provided him with the information needed to make up for his wrong doings.

He eventually made it a mysterious island, where he was forced to bury his father, then later captured by an unknown man for his own protection.

Life After Rescue:

After spending 5 years on the island of Lian Yu (Mandarin for Purgatory), he was rescued by a pair of fishermen and made his way back home. Life on the island, and the knowledge that his father has left him, has changed him.

Now that he has returned to Starling City, he has taken up the identity of Arrow and has set goals to clean up his families mistakes. His father left him a book with names of past accomplices, who he is using a checklist during his quest. Armed with a bow and handmade weapons, and disguised with a green hood and paint, he has taken to the city to remove the corruption that has plagued it.

His first target was Adam Hunt, who felt the sting of justice after Oliver used a transmitter to gain access to his computers to remove the funds which Adam stole, then gave them back to his victims. Marcus Redmond and Martin Somers were his next targets. Marcus followed his requests, but Martin was affiliated with the Triad, which led to an encounter with China White. White escaped, Martin is going to jail.

In order to keep his identity a secret, Oliver has also resumed his past life in the spotlight with his friend Tommy. This has meant pushing people away he loves, and lying to everyone else. He even turned down a role at his father's company, which many have seen as an insult to his father's name.

Key Episodes:

Episode 1 - "Pilot": He escaped from the island of Lian Yu and created the identity of Arrow after he was captured with his friend Tommy. Using his guise he hunted down Adam Hunt, who swindled hundreds of people from their money, hacked his accounts, and redistributed the money back to the victims.

Episode 2 - "Honor Thy Father": Hunted down Martin Sommers and successfully got a confession out of him after he murdered Victor Nocenti and sent assassins to kill Laurel. Along the way he encountered China White for the first time.

Episode 3 - "Lone Gunman": Encountered Deadshot when going after James Holder. Ended up in a fight with Deadshot during an action where he killed him.



Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
Stephen Amell as Arrow
Oliver Queen Becoming Arrow
Oliver Queen Stranded
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