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The 100

"The 100: Contents Under Pressure" Episode Review

Corrupting the Youth

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


After last week's deadly hunt, things took a much calmer, and darker, tone this week.

It seems like all the good people are turning into hateful and cruel bullies. I absolutely hate this idea. What they did to the helpful grounder was so upsetting. I know they were in a rush to save a life, but did they really think they could torture a man into helping them? Of course, this is all Bellamy's fault, so I hope he pays for his attitude with his life really quickly. I can't stand that character.


Yeah, he is really going to watch over them, now. Way to go!

It looks like Octavia and Jasper are the only kind ones left. Raven might be, too, but we still don't know her enough to tell. Sadly, the way things are going, it is more likely one of them will be killed or something will twist them into horrible killers. Just when I thought this series was different from the other survival series it goes and turns most of the characters into people I can't stand to watch. This better change soon or this series will be thrown on the pile of garbage shows that I refuse to watch.

Oh, and what was the chance of a hurricane to strike that area just at the moment when they needed clear communication to the Ark? Do the writers have any idea of how rare those things are? How did they get so unlucky? Did Bellamy attack a leprechaun, or something?

Atleast the adults' story on the Ark was starting to show signs of improvement. The selfless murderers, including Kane, are finally showing that they still feel remorse, but, sadly, new shadows are already slithering out of the darkness.

Oh, look. A typical back-stabbing politician. Kill her quickly before she ruins everything!

A new character, Diane, was introduced, and I already wish she wasn't. They already have enough problems on their hands with the conundrum of getting everyone to the ground that they don't need a power hungry, black-hearted, politician to swoop in and make things worse. Maybe it's time for characters to be introduced who are more than TV clich├ęs.

Why didn't they build enough drop ships for the majority of the people on the Ark anyway? Talk about a massive design flaw. Where did they think they were going to get the materials anyway? At this point, the only way that makes sense is to send 700 people down, the make new drop ships out of their old living quarters for the rest. Sadly, that would make far too much sense for this series. I sense another culling incoming. Or better yet, the important people will leave and let the others slowly die when the oxygen systems fail.

I'm sorry to say that this series is definitely sliding downhill fast. It had so much promise after the first few episodes, but now it is falling into the attitude that plagues this genre. I hope it turns around, and fast or it will be nothing but gutter trash.

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