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The 100

"The 100: His Sister's Keeper" Episode Review

The Weakness of Hearts

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***



Ever wonder why Bellamy was such a jerk? Well, we kind of found out this week.

It's simple really, he can't do anything right. Sure, he blames Octavia for being born, which is kind of true, but it was his own stupidity which caused everything that happened. At the very least, he should have let her see the moon for a bit, then sent her back home, or at least wait until he is a high-ranking guard before letting her party. Or maybe, just maybe, not let an illegally born child go out to a place where she could get caught.


I'm sure this would have been more than enough for her first time out of the cage they called home.

Okay, maybe he got his jerk attitude from his parents. Seriously, what kind of loving parent brings a child into a world where they will be locked up their entire life. It wasn't as if the population control law didn't have a major reason. The Ark is only so big, and with no way to expand, there would typically be restrictions put into place. I really want to know what the hell they were thinking!

Then there was Octavia's capturer, who actually seemed like a better person than Bellamy is. Why did he save her? Actually, why did he save most of the search party by signally the false alarm? Since the other Grounders attack everything on sight, I think he might be an outcast who was exiled due to his intelligent beliefs. Who knows, maybe he will become an ally who will teach these kids how to defend themselves instead of running around like sheep.

Isn't it odd that American's would forget how to speak English after only a few generations?

Of course, if it was up to Murphy and his friends, I'm sure the same thing would have happened to Clarke and her friends by now. It's good to see that there are more brains from the Ark than the local tribe has.

Sadly, two of those smarter youths are too busy fighting over a boy. I can completely understand Raven's anger, though. It only took ten days for Finn to forget his lost love and find a new one? I guess he didn't really love Raven as much as she did him. Maybe that knife will straighten the kid out.

If it wasn't for the annoying flashback, which could easily have been avoided by just mentioning it in a conversation, this was a really good episode. At this point, it is painfully obvious this series does not do flashbacks well, so I hope this is the end of them. They should only be used when it would take more than a short conversation to educate the viewers; in this case, a few extra lines during Octavia and Bellamy's fight at the end would have been more than enough.


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