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The 100

"The 100: Twilight's Last Gleaming" Episode Review

The Selfish Versus The Selfless

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The 100 has teased us with the mass death event since the beginning, and that time has arrived this week. But was it everything we hoped for? Surprisingly, both yes and no.

I really liked how it was the citizens coming together and sacrificing themselves to save the people they love. I feared it was going to be like the rest of the deaths on the Ark – a cold-blooded blast into space – but this one was extremely emotional. We barely got to know these people, but when you see so many touching goodbyes followed by the brave, yet peaceful, deaths it does a great job at making you emotional. It makes it even worse that if they only waited a few more hours they probably wouldn't have needed to.


Nothing like sad goodbyes to get the feels going.

That is where the disappointment comes in, and the reason I normally steer away from these survival-genre TV series. The cruel, wicked and foolish normally have a large amount of power in all genres, but they seem to always have the most power in this type of series, leading to unnecessarily dark situations. This event came from not just one wickedly selfish person, but two. Marcus Kane has always appeared to be the typical evil politician, so I completely expected him to be a dick and push this event forward, but Bellamy I still had hope for.

Sure, he has been a royal pain in the ass so far, too, but he's also shown his good side from time to time. Because of that faint glow of good in him, I hoped that he wouldn't completely ruin their plans for making contact with the Ark, but yet he did. I mean, I know he thought he murdered someone, but ruining so many lives just for his own selfish reasons, especially after Octavia approached him, was so awful. Thelonious likely hated him before, but if he finds out he killed 300 people because of Bellamy's actions, it will be even worse. I just hope that they do get that radio working during the next episode.

There is one glimmer of hope, though. It looks like both Marcus and Bellamy might have actually learnt something from what happened. I was especially surprised that Marcus convinced Thelonious not to sacrifice himself at the end. After all his attempts to grab power, I would never have thought he would try so hard to let someone else keep it. Was it the threat of getting his hands bloody that changed his tune, or the selfless attitude of the citizens?

A certain girlfriend is likely wishing Raven didn't survive that landing.

It wasn't just the meanies who harmed the story, though. I also hated how Octavia managed to trip on a stone so unrealistically. I mean, they've been on the surface for a while now, and I'm sure there was clutter on the station, too, so wouldn't she be smart enough to watch where she walking? I don't think I've ever seen anyone take a step that close to a rock only to drag a foot forward so it catches it. Why not have her hear a sound, start running while looking around in a panic causing her to trip on the boulder which caused her trip and fall. That would have at least been believable.

The reveal at the end that the Grounders aren't deformed is a huge shock. How did they survive the fallout without mutating like the wildlife? Were there huge bunkers that housed dozens of people for most of this time - like in Fallout - or were they naturally immune to radiation? I hope they address that issue someday.


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