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"The 100: Murphy's Law" Episode Review

Crime and Punishment

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


After the murder at the end of Murphy's Law, I knew that the something huge was coming, but the massive mob may have gone a bit too far.

Yes, I understand that they are still youths, not to mention criminals who were raised in a society where every adult crime had the death sentence, but... You know what? Actually, I take that back, their reaction makes complete sense. Was it the right action? Absolutely not. But, based on what they knew, I understand why they jumped to that decision, especially after what he was doing to everyone else.

I loved how everyone backed down from their vengeance when they found out the real killer was, though. It was one thing to take out an egotistic psychopath who was whipping them to do his bidding, but harming a little girl who did nothing wrong to them was a completely other story.

Talk about getting some payback for his earlier attitude.

And here I thought Charlotte wasn't going to be smart enough to get away with it. What a setup! Using John's favourite weapon was the best thing should could have done to implicate him. If she had only kept her mouth shut for a few more seconds she would have been free. She probably would have new nightmares to deal with, but she would have gotten away with it.

This whole ordeal even solidified Clarke and Finn's relationship, too. Oh, wait, Raven's coming. I'm sure this is not going to end well for someone.

How Raven ended up getting to go to the surface didn't go very smoothly, though. Wouldn't a pressure regulator been higher on their to-get list? Since it was something so important and so difficult to get, Raven should have pointed it out at the very beginning of her repair, not near the end. I'm sure there would have been some other way to get the part they needed with resorting to the wicked witch of the Ark, too. Why not just break in and steal the damned thing, anyway? I'm sure there are enough thieves to pull it off.

With the new leadership forming on the surface, the biggest fool loose on the planet on his own, and a new youth on her way, this series will likely be in for even more changes next week. Anyone else wondering what the Grounders are doing while all this is happening?


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