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"The 100: Earth Kills" Episode Review

Surrounded by Death

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


It seemed too good to be true. Until this point, there were hardly any casualties on the surface, aside from the foolish ones who unstrapped themselves during the landing. I guess you can say Earth Kills made up for all that luck.

The big killer wasn't more gruesome fighting amongst the youth, deadly traps left by the natives, or even an ambush. It was a just some storm. Although, this wasn't just any ordinary storm; this was a radiation storm capable of inflicting an extremely painful death to anyone in its path... Much like that fog in Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I've always wondered where all that radiation went.


This storm is like something out of Syfy – it's only missing sharks.

This week's episode also introduced a new young girl, Charlotte, who looked all sweet and innocent, you know, someone who didn't seem to belong with the rest of these crazy youths. Well, obviously, you can't judge a person by appearance as she might be the worst one introduced so far. Of course, it is still all Bellamy's fault -- he seems to be the one to blame for almost everything that goes wrong. If it wasn't for his slaying demons speech the death at the end would have probably never happened. Why haven't people learnt to ask more questions before giving advise, especially when it involves anything with the word "slaying" in it?

Since I doubt Charlotte is smart enough to hide the body, this will undoubtedly end her life really quickly, especially since how he just reconciled with Clarke and all. I can't see Bellamy support her either, especially since he has begun to see Clarke differently lately. If Charlotte was smart, she would just blame it on John. After all, he has already shown how untrustworthy and bloodthirsty he is.

As for the Ark, we only saw information that we already knew; the betrayal of Clarke's father. Well, it went into more detail, but I think we already knew how it all played out. This is something that we really needed last episode instead of the introduction of Raven (which should have been this week instead). Sure, it makes sense to have flashbacks with how she treated Wells this week, but it would have been a better match if we saw this when he was trying to get her attention on their journey to find Jasper; it would have reduced much of the duplicate information we received.

It normally takes longer than this for me to get into a new TV series, but The 100 has already proven to me that it will be a fantastic series to follow. Being paired with Arrow only makes Wednesday nights even better.


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