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The 100

"The 100: Pilot" Episode Review

Survival of the Deserving

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The CW is responsible for many types of series, but regardless of what you think the CW is capable of, throw it out; The 100 isn't like any CW series you've seen before.

Unlike the teenage heartthrob love stories we have come to expect, The 100 is a dark post-apocalyptic science-fiction series, and heavy of the science-fiction part. I'm talking about lots of amazing effects, futuristic technology, and scenarios that can only take place in the future. Yes, there are still teenagers doing silly things and already some romance being hinted at, but instead of them fated to be together, they are more likely to watch their teenage crush skewered by a spear.

Yeah, that's right, they will most likely be slaughtered in horrific ways than settling down and live romantically with a hottie. In space, death by airlock is the most likely, but on the surface there are horrors that are just waiting to tear them into pieces, or drive a sharp object into their chest. And that doesn't even include the evil behaviours from the power struggles happening on the space station and with the outcast juveniles. When death can come from anywhere, it definitely keeps the suspense going strong.

Well... suspenseful when they aren't doing something stupid, anyway?
And where did perfectly made vine come from?

The 100 also sports a plethora of famous actors, not only from other CW series, but also from very popular science-fiction roles. Just in the adults alone the series hosts roles from Henry Ian Cusick, Kelly Hu, Alessandro Juliani, Paige Turco, and Isaiah Washington, just to name a few. As for the outcasts, Richard Harmon, Marie Avgeropoulos and Eliza Taylor are the most familiar, but you will likely remember almost every face from another series, too. That is already a huge amount of star power for a series on the CW, which is normally known for roles filled with relatively "no-name" actors who are just getting their careers started.

My greatest fear about the 100 isn't that it isn't going to be wild and entertaining, but that this type of series will need to draw in viewers from other networks to survive. This is not the type of show that the CW's normal demographic will watch, meaning it is going to need lots of word of mouth to survive. From what I've seen in this pilot episode, it definitely seems deserving of survival.

I don't normally enjoy post-apocalyptic survival series, but The 100 is so unexpectedly fantastic that it will definitely be on my must-watch list. In my opinion, this is definitely the CW's best new series since Arrow premiere last year. If you enjoy science fiction stories and haven't watched this series premiere yet, do yourself a favour and set aside some time to check it out. You probably won't be disappointed.

Watched it yourself and feel differently? Tell others why in the comment section below. (And try not to spoil too much of the episode.)


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