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Tree Growers

Tree Growers can be placed on Spring, Summer and Fall Islands only, and will tend to the trees that are scattered across the island. The growth time will depend on 2 different factors; the friendship of the monster and the overall tree level of the island.


This tree level is a hidden level that goes up as you use the Spirit Wand to grow more trees. You will be able to tell that the level goes up by a skill increase sound playing, as well as a sudden growth of the huge tree that holds the doorway and the storage. At max level, trees will only take a week to grow to maturity.


When trees do mature, a Rune Crystal has a chance to drop. These will only appear when they mature, and you will not get another one until the tree is mature again. It is about a 25% chance for one to drop, so you will see them regular enough to collect a nice stockpile of them before you need them. These Rune Crystals are also amazing healing items, but are best saved for creating items that need them.


There are only 2 types of trees available, Oak and Maple, both in a wide variety of shapes and sizes... some even look like palm trees! Since there are only 2 kinds, there are only 3 classes of these monsters; Oak Growers, Maple Growers, and ones that do both.


All King monsters will be highlighted in RED.





Arch Demon: A-5 Ancient Ruins, Wind Spirit Shrine 4F, Wind Spirit Shrine 5F, Wind Spirit Shrine 6F

Demon King: Wind Spirit Shrine 3F, Wind Spirit Shrine 4F


Chipsqueek: D-7 Nameless Isle, Flame Spirit Shrine 1F, Flame Spirit Shrine 2F

Demon: H-4 Mystic Ruins, Wind Spirit Shrine 1F

Giant Beetle: Earth Spirit Shrine 1F, Earth Spirit Shrine 2F

Hercules Beetle: D-7 Nameless Isle, Flame Spirit Shrine 2F, Flame Spirit Shrine 3F

Maple and Oak

Furpuff: E-8 Nameless Isle, G-7 Ancient Statue

Kingsqueek: D-7 Nameless Isle, E-8 Jungle Island, E-8 Nameless Isle, G-6 Statue Island , G-7 Ancient Statue, H-7 Wrecked Ship




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