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Item Producers

If you are looking for farming item drops from monsters, please check out the Item Drops section.


These monsters will stay in the monster barn and will produce items on a regular basis. Some are every day, others take a few days to produce. Use the Harvested when in talking range of them to harvest the item. These are also the best monsters to have in your party since it won't interfere with their daily jobs.


Creatures in Red spawn only from the White King Gates. The production time is found in brackets next to each species.


Bird Feather

Blackbird (2 Days): C-5 Ancient Ruins, C-5 Ancient Statue, D-5 Nameless Isle

Weegul (2 Days): B-3 Desert Island, F-5 Ancient Statue, Flame Spirit Shrine 1F



Cluckadoodle (Daily): Earth Spirit Shrine 1F, E-4 Wrecked Ship, F-6 Wrecked Ship

Dancing Duck (1 Day): Wind Spirit Shrine 2F

Duck (1 Day): E-3 Nameless Isle, Water Spirit Shrine 1F



Gold Dragon (4 Days): Wind Spirit Shrine 6F

Wyvern (4 Days): A-5 Ancient Ruins, B-7 Shrine, E-3 Nameless Isle, E-4 Wrecked Ship, F-9 Nameless Isle, Wind Spirit Shrine 5F Wind Spirit Shrine 6F



Fire Hornet (1 Day): E-8 Nameless Isle, Flame Spirit Shrine 1F

Hornet (1 Day): H-4 Wrecked Ship, Water Spirit Shrine 1F

Queen Bee (1 Day): G-2 Frost Island, H-4 Mystic Ruins




Buffalo (1 Day): E-3 Nameless Isle, G-6 Statue Island

Buffamoo (Daily): E-5 Verde Island

Buffazoo (1 Day): G-2 Frost Island



Monster Box (9 Day): B-3 Desert Island, B-7 Shrine, Earth Spirit Shrine 3F



Mimic (9 Day): Water Spirit Shrine 2F, Water Spirit Shrine 3F



Claw Dragon (4 Day): A-5 Ancient Ruins, H-4 Mystic Ruins, Wind Spirit Shrine 1F


Small Fleece

Fluffy (1 Day): E-8 Jungle Island, G-6 Statue Island

Wooly (1 Day): E-5 Verde Island, F-6 Shrine Island, D-6 Nameless Isle

Wooly King (1 Day): D-4 Nameless Isle, D-6 Nameless Isle, Earth Spirit Shrine 1F, E-5 Verde Island, F-6 Shrine Island




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