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Orphan Black: Mingling Its Own Nature With It Review

The Birds and the Bees

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

The past two episodes provided us with many much needed answers, and a few questions on the way, but Mingling Its Own Nature With It just generated one question after another after yet another, with a gag reflex test along the way! Where to begin...

Let's just start by praising the amazing teamwork on Operation Convience Store! Pay for one candy bar and get a whole meal. Now that sounds like my type of shopping! Okay, maybe not, but that was very well planned. Definitely not perfect, though; I think Sarah and Kira should have played along with it a bit longer so not to get the attention of the police, though.

I liked how Felix was completely out of his element through their little adventure. The "camping" trip definitely wasn't his style, especially with the whole sleeping in a pasture experience. He also doesn't fit the part of a robber, and getting stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere definitely wasn't his fancy. This boy needs bars, and plays, and Alison - definitely Alison. It's great that he realized that at this point. I know Felix and Sarah are siblings, of sorts, but he definitely gets along best with the mother with a drinking problem.

I'm not normally into musicals, but I still want to see the full Blood Ties: The Musical... with these actors.

Alison's acting career is probably washed up at this point, though. I knew it was a bad idea for her to take on the role in a play about someone dying after what happened to her friend, but combining it with large amounts of alcohol was even worse. Hopefully she doesn't say anything stupid. If only Felix was there to help her out, this might not have happened.

Sadly, he was with Sarah at her ex-boyfriend / former mark's cabin. Oh, and that man may also be Kira's father. Oops! I am surprised that he still let her stay there, and in his bed, even though she stole ten thousand from him when she left him. That takes some serious heart to be able to do that. Slap on the fact that she dropped the huge Kira bombshell on his lap, which still sounds like a scam, and I'm beginning to wonder if he's even sane. I could see him accepting it after a few weeks, but never within a few hours.

Could he be Sarah's handler? I wouldn't be surprised.

His former job also raises questions. Like the institute and cult, he too was meddling with nature. Creating drones to help pollinate plants is no small task! What is it with scientists messing with nature only to have their work fall into the hands of those who will abuse it?

Kira seems to be a really, really smart kid, so maybe she gets her brains from her daddy. Heck, this whole genetic cloning thing may have also been done to create her, too. She seems to have some type of ESP thing going on, at times, so I wouldn't be surprised.

While on the topic of smart people, the nightmare that Cosima is going through is getting really morbid. It was one thing for her to work on finding a cure for herself, but watching video logs of another clone dying from the same illness she has, then doing an autopsy on that body, is another story completely. Just the knowledge that it could be her on that table if she doesn't figure it out must be nerve wracking!

Although Helena's experience is even worse. I thought her life was going to get better with Tomas out of the picture, but this whole cult thing is so much worse. It would have been one thing if someone like Mark got to know her and made her part of the family, but Hendrik... Get out the barf bag! She's still recovering from her major wounds, in unfamiliar surroundings, has no contact with anyone living in this colony, and is obviously confused, so this is definitely rape. I hope she regains enough strength to snap his neck before it goes too far. And don't give me any of that clone BS. Anyone who thinks that clones have no rights should lose their rights, too.

There were definitely some great moments this week, and a stomach churning one. If Helena's plight was out of the picture, this would have been another fantastic episode, but that isn't the case. I really hope that horrible cult crap will be wrapped up quickly so the rest of the great story lines won't be fouled by it anymore.

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