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Orphan Black: Governed By Sound Reason And True Religion Review

Trust No One

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Surprise! Kira wasn't stolen by the other group after all, but only squirrelled away to a familiar home by Mrs. Sadler. Just when I think I'm finally putting all the pieces into place the writers pull something like this. Amazing. The only problem was her plan for Kira and her old friends.

Did she really think that Sarah would let her take Kira that far away from her, even if it was temporary? I mean, it's obvious that Sarah takes being with her daughter very seriously. Mrs. S. should have also done some more homework on her old allies. The way everyone's world was being turned upside down, she should have suspected that her old friends might not be as trustworthy as they once was.

Mrs. S. has one hell of a killer instinct.

Also, why isn't she willing to tell Sarah the truth about her past? It's obvious that she knows much more than what she is telling her, and with the fight Sarah is going through she could use all the information she can get. What is she hiding that is so dangerous?

I doubt Sarah and Felix will get far before they get dragged back in, though. With Cosima now stuck working with Leekie and Rachel, and the trouble Alison is going to get into now that she knows the truth about her husband, she has too many reasons to stay. Plus, one of the other groups will likely track her down quickly, anyway.

You got to feel sorry for Alison, though. Not only has she lost her friend, who she didn't save because she thought she was her handler, but now she finds out her original suspect is the real deal and she has no Felix to help her. With her killer instinct, she is probably going to need the help of the other Sarah to clean up real blood in the near future.

A play about cleaning up dead bodies... foreboding much?

Since Helena, who is alive thanks to some twists inside, is Sarah's twin, does that mean she has the same corrections to her genome, including the ability for children? I can definitely understand why Henrik wants to keep his hands on her. I think it is safe to say that it was just Tomas's influence that was driving Helena to kill the others, so with him gone her missions might change drastically.

I'm not too crazy about the whole running with Kira away part, but this episode still had so much going for it. This is definitely a series everyone needs to watch.

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