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Orphan Black: Nature Under Constraint And Vexed Review

A Mother's Rage

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***

Orphan Black was one of those huge unexpected hits for me last year; all the advertising that I saw for it didn't show anything that interested me, but it was something that everyone was praising so I decided to check it out once the season was over. And I am so glad I did.

So, was this season's premiere just as fantastic as the first season? It wasn't just equal to the first season's episodes, it was even better! It still didn't make the finale's bitter ending easier to swallow, but it definitely made it worth it.

Thanks to all of our prior knowledge, the story - and all the action, drama, mystery, and twists it brings - was able to sprint onward at a furious pace. And amazingly, I don't think it even stumbled once.

Sarah always appeared to be the most resourceful and street smart, but she still surprised me with her cunning methods of getting access to Rachel. Sure, we've seen her imitate her other "sisters", but it took some serious guts to fill the shoes of the brainy one. I am surprised she wasn't found out after the kiss, though. Does Cosima kiss with so little passion, too?

She is smiling, but underneath she is in agony from looking through Cosima's perscription glasses.

She even set up her twin with a job, and a sweet one at that. Even after what we learnt from Rachel's run-in with the angry mother, I still don't think that they will trust them. Just what exactly are they up to? Maybe they will finally find out with one of the friendly clones on the inside.

I also loved how the Wal-Mart - sorry, Eco-Mart employee - acted so pleasant when dealing drugs and guns. I always suspected those stores were fronts for more shadier business transactions. I'm kidding, of course... Maybe. Anyway, Alex Ozerov, and his character Ramon, is a fantastic addition to the series. Something tells me that Felix will completely agree, too. I really hope this won't be a one time appearance.

Who would suspect such an honest looking man?

On the topic of returning, how in the hell did Helena survive? I guess we shouldn't be surprised due to how strong-willed she it. Now, will she use her next chance to be kinder with her fellow brethren, of resume to be a pawn of the nameless group who seems hell-bent on ruining the lives of the others? With the new reveal about what that group has been up to, not to mention what Sarah already did to her, she might want to be a bit kinder, especially to Sarah.

Yeah, this was definitely an amazing treat to begin this second season, and it looks like the wild ride is just getting started. Could season 2 be somehow even better than season 1?

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