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Liberl News - Issue 2

This is the second issue of the Liberl News issues found throughout Trails in the Sky.

[Breaking Story] Disappearance of the Linde!


• Gone Without a Trace! Where Could It Be? •

The Linde

Yesterday afternoon, the airliner 'Linde' vanished over east Bose air-space while en route to Rolent. An exhaustive overnight search conducted by the Royal Army yielded no clues to its whereabouts, leaving all parties baffled. In response to this incident, the army has declared all airliner flights canceled until further notice.



• Fate of Lind Passengers Unknown •

The Liberl Orbalship Corporation reports that 17 were aboard the Linde at the time of its departure, including both passengers and crew. Family members of these missing persons are understandably concerned, but remain hopeful.


• Probability of Accident is Low, Says Expert •

Central Factory Chief Murdock proclaims, 'Our orbal engines are sturdy and reliable. The chance of an engine failure is virtually nil. I do not believe an accident to have occurred.'


• Rumors and Theories Abound•

Was it a conspiracy perpetrated by the Royal Army and the covert mercenary force comprised of jaegers? Perhaps it was a plot to kidnap the passengers, and hold them for ransom? Some have even suggested the Linde came under attack by the last living dragon!

No matter what anyone may have heard, it's all just speculation at this point, as no real evidence has yet been found. The Royal Army is investigating a possible connection between this incident and the recent burglaries in Bose, but thus far, no information on any such connection has been released.

In fact, no information has been released at all, due to army regulations prohibiting the dissemination of intelligence to the general public -- a policy that I'm sure we'd all like to see repealed!


[Society] Crystal Stolen in Daring Robbery!

A group of unknown individuals recently broke into the Rolent mayor's house to steal a Septium Crystal that was left in his possession. Local bracers came to the rescue and managed to recover the stolen item, but the culprits are still at large. Thankfully, no harm came to the mayor or his family during this incident. 'We deeply regret that the criminals escaped,' says a Rolent Bracer representative, 'but please know that we of the Bracer Guild did everything in our power to apprehend them and will continue the pursuit for however long it may take.'


[Culture] Touring Ancient Sites

• The Rolent Region and the Esmelas Tower •

The Esmelas TowerThe Esmelas Tower lies a few hundred selge to the north of Rolent City, along the Malga Trail. Its turquoise-green visage is the only real landmark for as far as the eye can see. Counting as one of the four tetracyclic towers, its purpose is still shrouded in mystery to this day. This exciting location is as old as Liberl itself, and modern research utilizing the latest orbal technology is expected to answer a few questions about this eerie structure, while posing still others.


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