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Liberl News - Issue 1

This is the first issue of the Liberl News issues found throughout Trails in the Sky.

[Featured Story] The Queen's 60th Is Nigh


• A Milestone Anniversary •

The half-century countdown to Her Majesty Queen Alicia's 60th birthday celebration has begun! This has been a banner year for Her Royal Highness, sparking more anticipation then this event has ever seen before. But we must not forget, too, that this year is the 10th since the Hundred Days War, a period of intense turmoil for Liberl. As we celebrate, let us also reflect on the tragedies of the past, so that we may refrain from ever reliving them in the future. We have been afforded this luxury of hindsight, and we must use it to its fullest!


• Preparations underway in the Royal City •

Main Street is filled with the bustle of men and women seriously preparing decor and merchandise for the upcoming festivities, and developing new products specifically for sale during the celebration. The completion is truly cutthroat!

' I yearn for my customer's taste buds to sing with delight!' says Ms. Sorbet, local ice cream purveyor who deals her wares in the city's east block. Sadly, her new menu will remain a mystery to us until the day of the festival.

'As the population grows, more and more businesses pop up all around me. But all that means is more customers, especially at festival time, so I'm not complaining!' she exclaims with a sly smile. Ms. Sorbet seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve, so to all her competitors, we say: watch out!


• Who Shall Stand, and Who Shall Fall? •

Prior to the festival, Her Majesty will be hosting our annual martial arts competition in the royal arena. This fiercely competitive tournament is always a big hit, with some avid spectators even regarding it as the day's main event. Which team will come out on top?


[Society] Burglaries Across the Bose Region

According to our sources, the Bose region has seen a string of burglaries over the last several days, and the people have had enough! The Royal Army Border Patrol stationed at the Haken Gate has been stepping up efforts to apprehend the group of criminals responsible for these acts, and anyone with information on their identities is urged to contact the Border Patrol immediately.


[Travel] Finding the Perfect Getaway

The Kingfisher Inn, along the beautiful Valleria lakeshore, is more popular than ever following a visit from the women of the Royal City. Won't you come and fish with us, too?


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