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The Liberl Kingdom


The Liberl Kingdom occupies the western half of the Zemuria Continent, and is the area that Trails in the Sky takes place in. To the north exists the Erebonian Empire and to the east sits the Republic of Calvard. Each region of Liberl is vastly different in their resources, market, and style.

The country is rich in Sepith deposits, allowing for Orbments to be common, which also fuels a robust economy and a powerful military. This makes Liberl strong, but still a prime target for those wishing to obtain more power.

Ten years before the events in Trails in the Sky, Liberl was attacked by its northern neighbor, the Erebonian Empire, known as the Hundred Days War. With the use of Orbments and the work of the Bracers, peace was restored, although that peace is breaking down, and quickly.


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