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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Estelle Bright

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This guide is a work in progress. The information here is only up to the beginning of Chapter 1, so expect more to be added.

Trails in the Sky: Estelle Bright

"All those horrible days stuck in a classroom are starting to feel like grand memories indeed..."


This bubbly young woman is the main protagonist of Trails in the Sky.

Estelle, daughter of Cassius and Rena, was born in 8-7-1186 of the Septain Calendar in rural Rolent. She's always strived to be a great hero, like her parents, even after the tragedy which took her mother away from her. When she was of age, she began training to be a Bracer, like her parent, with her adopted brother Joshua and officially became a novice Bracer at the age of 16.

She enjoys keeping active, fighting with her staff, fishing, collecting bugs, and has a fetish for athletic footwear. Apparently she is a terrible cook, as per the constant reminders from other characters. Don't get on her bad side - she has the tenancy to hit first, ask questions later.






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