Crimson Tear

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Cassius Bright

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This guide is a work in progress. The information here is only up to the beginning of Chapter 1, so expect more to be added.

Trails in the Sky: Cassius Bright

Father, Bracer, Hero, and Legend. Estelle's 45 year old father is a man so well known that he spends most of his time away from home on secret missions.

He used to be an officer of the Royal Army, but after his wife died, he decided to retire to protect his daughter. As Estelle grew up, he swapped his sword for a staff and joined the local Bracer guild, which led to him travelling the the kingdom as he performed his heroic deeds. It didn't take long for his reputation to become so massive that even neighboring nations began asking for his assistance.

In what little free time he has, he enjoys strong drinks, exotic foods, and spending precious time with his daughter and adopted son, Joshua.



Prologue (until departure): Bright Family House




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