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Welcome to our new Trails in the Sky Game Guide. There isn't much here, yet, but it's just getting started. Character guides will be the start, followed by walkthroughs and maps, information on items, places, organizations, and more! Eventually, we hope this will be the most comprehensive guide to the game ever made.


Updated September 30, 2017

No, this guide isn't dead. Well, it isn't anymore. My life got really busy and I had no time to update the guide, but that should be slightly less so now. In preparation towards a new string of updates, I've also changed the layout of the guide to be a bit more streamlined. Those links on the side weren't very relevant anymore, so they are gone. The advertisements have also been updated to be less annoying. Let's hope I can get this guide completed and continue to the next games.

Updated April 19. 2017

I know it almost seemed like this guide was dead, but it is not. The City of Bose has been added and I'm fighting to make completing this guide a priority, so expect frequent updates in the next few weeks and months.

Updated October 2, 2016:

After long last, the Prologue part of this walkthrough has been completed. It is amazing how long things take when everything keeps you preoccupied with other tasks. I really hope that the next chapter won't take me so long to complete, especially now that all the ground work has been done behind the scenes. I feel bad of how long it has taken me to make this guide thus far, but I refuse to give up until it has been completed.


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