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Game Information

The Liberl Kingdom has enjoyed peace and amazing technological breakthroughs for the last 10 years, but good times never last. After pushing themselves to be Bracers, a group dedicated to helping others and keeping the peace, Estelle and Joshua Bright journey throughout the kingdom to solve a mystery and a dark plot which aims to unravel the peace they have enjoyed for years.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the sixth entry of the Legend of Heroes series, and is the first of a trilogy. Unlike many JRPGs, this game is mainly a lighthearted adventure with fantastic characters, horrible villains, charming story, and so much dialogue text which changes as you progress, that you will find yourself wasting hours just talking to the locals.

First released in 2004 for Windows in Japan, it wasn't until 2006 that we saw an English version of the game on the PSP, and 2014 until the translation was made available for PCs. Originally released by Famicom, the creators of the famous Ys series, the translations were completed by the porting and translation geniuses at Xseed Games.


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