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Bitten: Ready Review

No More Sacrifices

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


I've often complained how slow the pace was during this first season of Bitten, and how very little excitement there was to produce any sort of adrenaline, but this season finale easily made up for those two complaints!

Holy crap, what a fight! It involved everyone who had wolf-blood flowing through their veins in every location of the mansion shown off throughout this season. It was so very exciting, especially since the fight could have gone either way.

Sadly, there were still problems, most notably, the poorly cut sequences in the fight where the characters would suddenly jump several inches in the middle of an attack. Mix that together with the camera jumping around every couple seconds and it look very messy and unprofessional. I also don't understand what each victor of a dual was doing while the others were still fighting; wouldn't it have been better to help one of their friends? Yeah, definitely a few things to iron out.

At least the mutts picked a fantastic day for a fight.

Besides the fight, only two substantial events happened: Elena's acceptance of Clay, and the reveal of who was behind it all.

I still don't understand what the hell Elena sees in Clay, unless she is into that whole serial killer-type. Falling in love with him again after finding out that he saved her from Jeremy is just twisted, and lowers her back down to a teenage girl who falls in love just because a boy helps her once. I know she's damaged from her childhood, but why not build her up to overcome it and become a stronger person? Sadly, I'm sure what happened to Philip will only lower her mental state even further.

Although, when the whole story revolves around her being the breeding vessel for a whole new, stronger, race of wolves, I guess I shouldn't be asking for much.

As for the big bad, I'm not surprised I guessed correctly when he was introduced two weeks ago. It made the most sense, after all. Those mutts knew way too much information on the pack, and I doubt a certain past character would have come out of retirement to help the man who wanted to be king.

At least the season ended in a way that would be a decent ending if it doesn't get renewed. Most of the storylines have been wrapped up, and those left hanging can be easily be seen as "life continues".

Do I want it to be renewed? Honestly, I don't really know. There isn't anything left in the story that makes me want to claw back in for more, and the knowledge of why everyone is so protective of Elena, and especially her attitude, is a huge let down. Plus, if it doesn't get renewed, there is still the book series, which is likely much better than this TV series has been. If it gets renewed I'll probably watch it again, but if it doesn't I won't shed any tears, either.


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