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Bitten: Caged Review

Every Dog Has His Day

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Aside from the first few episodes, Elena has sadly filled the role of the damsel in distress, but that finally has come to end.

Although, she did have to do some pretty dark things to get there. I know that creep ruined her childhood, but her method of interrogation was almost Clay-like, especially how she rewarded him at the end. I guess she is more like that crazed beast after all.

At least she still has some humanity left, unlike the brute who holds her heart. I have no idea how so managed to hold back when giving the mutts a good ass-kicking. I doubt many "normal" people would be able to handle their adrenaline as well. It was fantastic to see her finally unleash some of that fury for a change. Could this be the beginning of a stronger Elena? Something tells me the breeding factory plan is out the window...

Nothing like a razor sharp claw to drive home the point.

What is it with Jeremy being so damned protective of Elena, anyway? Is it that he thinks she is too weak to handle herself, too unpredictable, or just too special to lose? Regardless, I hope he's learnt to give her a long leash. She definitely proved that she can handle it.

I feel so sorry for Philip, though. He's been through so much since Elena entered his life, and now he is left with the daunting task of living with what he knows and not telling anyone or get hunted by wolves. Here's hoping he makes the right choice. Likely we won't find out next week.

With the hint that the huge attack is coming, I doubt there will be time for anything else during the season finale. I just hope they leave the story with a partial ending just in case Bitten doesn't get renewed. There's nothing worse than a series ending on a cliffhanger.


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