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Bitten: Settling Review

More Show and Tell

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Last week's Bitten started exposing its secrets, which continued this week only with more show and tell.

In all honesty, I thought Philip's role was finished after Elena told him the truth about her family, but instead his pain was only getting started. I don't know what hurt him more: the physical wound of getting sliced in the stomach with a knife, or finding out the girl he was living with was actually some snarling beast who kisses him after she bites off a man's fingers with blood still on her chin. I'm sure the Canadian Healthcare System will get him good as new in a few months, if he doesn't die on the waiting list, but his sanity is probably a write off.

What a shallow man. Beauty should be on the inside... even if she is a beautiful wolf.

Unlike Elena and Philip, Logan and Rachel might actually be getting closer together, even after she saw him almost kill another man. Although, that other man almost killing her in the shower probably helped. I also like that Logan already vouched for Elena to become the next Alpha. Since it is probably the only way for him to lose his mutt status after what he is about to do, it is likely purely selfish, but his faith in her is sweet.

Although, the most memorable thing about this entire episode was all the action! This is something this series has been lacking since the beginning, so it's great to see something to get our adrenaline pumping.

I'm trying to figure out who the top mutt is, though? If we saw him in the past, I mustn't have noticed, or it didn't seem very important at the time. Unless... is that the old pack Alpha? That would make so much sense if it is. But why is he interested in keeping Elena alive? Still so many questions...

With just a two episodes of Bitten remaining, this series is starting to get really good. Could this series actually survive the first season? For once, I am actually hoping it does. Amazing what a few good episodes will do, eh?


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