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Bitten: Descent Review

The Big Reveal

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Since the first episode of Bitten, the true nature of the Mutt's attacks has been one giant question mark after another, but, finally, some light has finally been revealed.

Okay, maybe the light is but a narrow beam in the darkness, but I think we'll take anything at this point. At least we know who they are really after with this whole mess. The next step is "why". Without the why, the who is really just a target, so I can't wait to find out the reason for this war. Did they kill someone important to them, or is it just what they represent?

But this wasn't the only thing that was revealed this week. Logan finally came home to announce the "good" news about his coming bundle of fur. Sadly, something tells me that if the leadership doesn't change things are going to go sideways for him.

If only she knew what he does in his family's basement.

Elena on the other hand already has everything going sideways, as her life slides down an ice covered hill at terminal velocity. Wow, Phil really turned out to be a dick! Let that be a lesson to everyone who reads this, don't build a relationship on lies. I do find her timing to be a bit odd, though. I mean, why did she decide to tell him so much information about her "family" after a little run-in with the man who ruined her childhood? I'm guessing there was an important conversation on the way home that left on the cutting-room floor.

At least things can push onward without having to worry about what videos Philip is looking at. Something tells me that Elena's friendship with Diane is pretty much over, too. I'm not looking forward to that argument.

Well, after nine episodes of mostly forbidden love triangles and hidden agendas, Bitten is finally getting really entertaining. I hope the tension keeps up until the end, though.


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