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Bitten: Vengeance Review

A Bitter Taste

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Just when I was starting to enjoy Bitten, this episode brings back things which harmed the earlier episodes.

All the amazingly bad sex that littered the first episodes is back again, which is getting really annoying. Especially since it is involving characters who fit together as well as water and oil. I guess this does mean that Elena likes abusive murderers instead of her more sophisticated lover back in Toronto.

At least there was lots of fighting, though, right? Well, the action was good, but it felt shallow due to poorly choreographed stunts. Oh, wait, there were stunts... right? It actually just felt like the actors haphazardly trying to imitate that fake sport that we call televised wrestling.

This could easily have been the setup of a fantastic fight scene.

To make matters worse, Elena, who showed off some amazing fighting moves earlier in the season, is suddenly the useless damsel in distress. Seriously, why didn't she just stay and fight instead of running away so he could pull out a gun a shoot her? That, and everything that followed, was so aggravating to watch I almost starting yelling at my television.

So at this point, the likability of Elena is as high as getting sprayed in the face with mace. Maybe after Clay tries to kill her friends back home, because what they have found and are doing, she will wise up and start behaving rationally... Who am I kidding, she will probably have sex with Clay again and roll around in their corpses together. She seems to be into that sort of thing after all.

At this point, why do I continue watching? Well, there are only four episodes left, and I'm interested to find out how this mutt versus the pack war turns out. I just hope that the series will be left off with a semi-concrete ending; I doubt it will be renewed for another year.


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