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Bitten: Prisoner Review

Legacy and Cain

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


After last week's mutt attack, it finally looked like things were finally going to get interesting on Bitten, well... If torture, sex, lies, and calm talks at diners are your sort of thing, this was a fantastic episode.

I, for one, don't care for any of those four things, especially the torture. I know they didn't show everything at the end, but that was already too hard for me to watch. After this I definitely have no respect for Clay. I really hope that the mutts plant enough evidence to get him locked away and out of this story. I seriously can't believe he still thinks he has a shot with Elena, and if he does... Let's just say this series would be on the pyre that Twilight currently resides on.

What we did learn about Cain and Amber was fantastic, though. It makes me wish the story revolved around them instead of the pack. Plus, stories about the underdogs trying to fight free of a tyrant is normally better accepted by viewers. Actually, that would probably be true if it followed any of the mutts.

It would probably help if I understood Elena's loyalty to the pack. Maybe if they would reveal the secrets that they are obviously still keeping it would help, but I just don't see anything that would explain her behaviour, unless she is suffering from some sort of mental conditioning.

She obviously has daddy issues.

All the needless sex seemingly replaced all the action this week, too. And here I thought it was finally phased out. I really don't understand why they even bother with it. HBO gets a boost from it because they actually show the nudity, but the scenes that plagues this series feel like a complete waste of time, which could be spent progressing the story or adding more entertaining events. For example, I would have rather if we saw Clay's trip to the police station.

It is good to see that Philip is finally starting to clue onto the truth that Elena's hiding, although we now know that would probably mean his death, it doesn't bode well for his character's lifespan. If Clay kills Elena's boyfriend it should finally end the sexual tension between them, unless she is into that sort of thing.

I can't believe there is only five episodes left. This might be the most uneventful first season of a TV series I have ever watched. I can't say there has been any bad episodes, so far, but neither has there been any great ones.


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