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Bitten: Stalking Review

It's a Trap!

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


I began questioning which side was really the best one last week, but after the Mutt's tactics during 'Stalking' there is definitively a clear line of which side is worse.

After witnessing Clay's brutal interrogation techniques and their teeth-pulling punishments, I thought the Mutt's were starting to look like the rebellious freedom fighters, but thanks to their stab and slash maneuvers they have definitively lost that distinction. Why not attend the meeting to lay down demands civilly and lay a trap for afterwards if things didn't go smoothly? Does getting turned into a werewolf turn everyone into a panic-stricken murdering psychopath? Even Elena is starting to show those colours.

Even with her attitude changes, I hope that she steps up and leads the pack if their current leader doesn't make it. I really think she would be the best possible choice, especially since her ideals would very likely divide the mutts enough to give them more allies in the developing war. After all, if she decides that letting all wolves have a semi-normal life is allowed, it should go a long way with the peasant mutts.

Meanwhile... trouble's knocking.

Now that the wolf war is finally getting into full swing I'm finding the constant reminder of Elena and Logan's human lives, or should that be human lies, is dragging down the rest story. I know these two human characters are going to play an important part of the story eventually, but right now they seem to be just getting in the way of the good stuff. Maybe some mutt will attack them to bring them into the fold.

Logan's unexpected pregnancy story just feels like a horrific tragedy in slow motion. How does he think this will end? The pack is not going to just let him go, and I doubt she is going to stick around after her child bites her during childbirth. Too bad Elena isn't around to knock him over the head.

Phillip's search for the wolf footage also didn't go anywhere really interesting, besides introducing Elena's competition. Here I was hoping they were going to stumble across someone who knew the truth about the wolves, or at least some crazy conspiracy theorist, but instead all we got was some guy with bills to pay. It really should have been something more. Oh, and that slow upward moving shot of Sylvie at the door was a really sexist move by the director.

Bitten is definitively getting better as the story continues, but I don't think it should have taken so long to get to this point. Does anyone else think things have gotten more interesting now that most of the sex and nudity are being skipped?

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