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Bitten: Committed Review

Bad Leadership

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Ever since the first episode, Bitten has always made it appear that The Mutts were the evil outcasts and The Pack was the good royalty, but "Committed" shows otherwise.

Even though we've never been told what started this uprising, now that we know about the rules the Alpha wolf has written, and the methods of punishment, I can definitely see why this happened. It would have been one thing if he took the advice and relaxed the chain a bit, but his knee-jerk reaction only makes me hope this wolf's coat gets hung on the wall by a new Alpha very soon.

This story is starting to feel like the Pack is some vicious dictatorship and the attacking Mutts are the glorious freedom fighters seeking to win freedom for all. Well... almost. The problem is that both sides are doing such horrific things that it is more like two evil groups fighting for power with a few "innocents" caught in between.

I think he should have just accept his fate here.

No, I'm not saying Elena isn't fang deep into the mess, but as in naive. What other explanation is there for her not noticing what is really going on? Even worse, she says that she doesn't want anything to do with it, but when she asked to step to the side she quickly runs back to the Pack again. Doesn't she understand what the hell they are doing? Better yet, doesn't she know what would happen if she gives up on them completely? I can't see her standing by as they ruin her life.

Then there's the mess that is Logan's life. Since so few women survive the change, I can't see their relationship lasting, especially since it will be too hard for him to keep secrets with a little wolf cub running around the house. That, my fellow viewers, is why you don't keep huge secrets in a long-term relationship.

With all the cruel behaviour in the series, and the ridiculously naive attitude from Elena (who is starting to remind me too much of her namesake in the Vampire Diaries), it is extremely difficult to find someone to cheer for, or even relate to. I am very thankful that the pace is finally picking up, but it still isn't enough. With these ongoing problems, and the largely mediocre ratings it's getting, I can't see Bitten surviving past this first season.

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