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Bitten: Bitten Review

Bitten By Love

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Bitten has so far excelled at leaving behind a mess of questions to fuel our curiosity, so, with so many questions left unanswered, it feels like a bit of that burden has been lifted with the reveal of Elena's past.

The question of how Elena first met Clay and became a werewolf was some of the very first questions we were left asking, yet I never expected them to be so intertwined. I suspected that Elena was changed already when Clay found her, not that he was the cause of her change. Also, it always appeared that Clay's attitude was what drove her away from him, so it was even more of a shock that he was the one that gave her the curse she despises so much. Yup, her attitude toward Clay is now completely justified.

Any idea that Elena was a smart young woman was just tossed out at this point.

To make things worse, she is still being pressured into helping them by due to loyalty for Jeremy, since he was the one that helped her adjust. Of course, the frequency that she is being forced to become what she hates is making things even worse. Since she hasn't been shy to tell others how much she dislikes being there, why she couldn't have been the one to make a scene while her pack brother cleaned up the mess? That just felt like lazy writing creating an unrealistic scenario.

Of course, things aren't going to get any better back home when she learns what the man she loves is up to. There is no doubt that that video falling into his hands is no fluke, so it is quite obvious who is pulling the strings there, too.

Now it seems that all of this is being done to drive Elena out of the pack, but for what reason? Are they trying to get her to join their cause, or do they just want to harm her to send the pack a message while weakening it at the same time? That, for the time being, seems to be the real mystery. I suspect that it is just about making a new pack with Elena as the queen, though.

Bitten has definitely taken an interesting turn this week, but I'm still finding it far too tame. I am sure viewers who read the book are finding it much more enjoyable, but I wish they would skip the sex and keep progressing the story. Since when are werewolves so horny anyway?

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