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Bitten: Grief Review

Mutt Pack

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Normally by episode 4 a series is already knee deep into the plot, but it feels like Bitten is just wading into it for the first time.

The first three episodes essentially fleshed out the main characters with the small threat of a lone mutt trying to draw unwanted attention on Elena's pack. Not a great way to hook viewers, but it did give us a comfort level with the main characters we don't normally get until six or so episodes in. This character building is still going on, but at least now, with the larger threat revealed, the excitement level is finally starting to build.

The threat in Bitten isn't a world-ending event, a great evil about to be unleashed, nor even defending a small group from a hidden powerful enemy. This threat in this story is protecting the secrets that werewolves exist when others are attempting to expose it. Sure, there is a bit of a power-struggle being hinted at, but the pace of that threat is still only speculation.

I hope these clowns are only the beginning of something more sinister.

Sadly, the series is still mainly action-free. There were some of close calls, but we've yet to see any real fight. This is where building a series from a book, or a series of books, has its huge problems. Books frequently build up their story slowly, with only one or two huge events that define the outcome, often near the end. That works fine for books, but on TV, we viewers are used to something a bit more faster paced. Most series and movies differ so greatly from the original medium to make it them more exciting. So far, all we're getting is a lot of character feelings, romantic love-triangles, and knowledge that something is building in the distance. After four episodes, we need something a bit... more meaty.

The loss of one of their pack should have been just what we needed. The problem was how it happened. In order for it to mean something to us, we needed to see it happen. The scene could easily have been the silhouette of a person, with muffled cries for help from the victim, or even an execution type event. This would have made the threat feel significantly more real than a quick glimpse of a corpse last episode and someone spreading ashes around while others mourn.

Oh, and what the hell was up with Elena's "run"? Are they not in full control of their beastly urges when in wolf form? That didn't make any sense to me, at all.

So far, Bitten is turning out to be an interesting story, but nothing more. It is enough for me to continue watching since I want to see how it turns out, but I have a feeling more viewers will filter out after this week.

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