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Bitten: Prodigal Review


Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


I delayed the premiere review until Syfy aired it in the United States, but this one, and future reviews will be released after it airs here in Canada on Space.

The series premiere of Bitten definitely left more questions than I expected, so I'm relieved that we learnt more about this series' mythology, but perhaps we got a little too much information during Prodigal.

For me, the best series are the ones that release just enough information as the story progresses that is needed, that way there is always something new to learn. Sadly, Bitten gave us so much information that most of it will be forgotten by the time next week's episode comes around. It would have been helpful if that information was put to use during the story, but most of it was quickly mentioned once, then never again. I'm sure the information will come up again in the future, but for now it will be something only the really attentive will remember.

Also, what's the use of quickly bringing up the subject on the hierarchy if it isn't explained in more detail? We still don't even know what really makes a wolf a mutt. Is it just some silly designation, like peasant?

And check out this breakfast! There's enough food here to feed a small army!

We also learnt more about Elena herself, other than the fact she finds lying to her boyfriend so easy. We knew there was a damned good reason why she didn't want to return, but I never thought it would be so... heart ripping. Even with what we know now, there is still much we don't know about what happened between the time of her joining the pack and the kill, nor exactly how she became a wolf. At least we do know why we haven't seen other female wolves (even though it sounds like a sexist explanation).

So far, Elena is the only person who seems to have any common sense. In a way, this pack reminds me of that insane wolf pack from True Blood – just a bunch of bloodthirsty wolves frightened at the sight of any threat. It also seems like the rule about murder isn't all that important to them. I know Elena seems to trust some of them, but they all appear to devious to me.

So much so that part of me wonders if someone in her pack killed the boy just to keep her with them for longer. The death of two girls made sense since it was what the mutt was after, but the boy doesn't fit the pattern. If Elena finds out it is, I can't see her leaving without ripping that person to pieces, then rolling around in whatever is left them.

So far Bitten has given us a new look into the werewolf genre, but I fear that it is a little too slow for most. Maybe it's time to spice things up a bit, other than just showing nude backsides of the cast and erotic dreams.

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