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Bitten: Summons Review

Fangs Deep

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Bitten premiered this weekend here in Canada, but the U.S. only got their first mouthful of fur yesterday, so I figured now would be the best time to publish my thoughts on it.

At first, Bitten seemed like any other supernatural series, filled with weird rules and lore, unrealistic characters, and a confusing storyline. Instead, it turned out to be a lot more "real" than I ever expected it to be. In many ways, it reminds me of Orphan Black, only without the constant question of who the main character really is, and substituting werewolves instead of clones.

The largest problem with starting a new series is that we viewers need to figure out exactly what is exactly going on. Bitten is no different. But, unlike many series we are tossed into the middle of a larger story and introduced to characters as life continues to unfold. This does a great job at making these characters feel realistic, but it also leaves us confused for the first half of the episode.

Here's to a secret ruining a good life!

Gladly, after the thirty minutes, or so, of the premiere there was enough characters introduced, and sufficient information told making it significantly easier to follow what was happening. Even though there is no end of the world apocalypse coming, nor some huge threat that could make the streets run red with blood, the mutt threat was still enough to keep me interested.

We obviously don't know all the rules of Bitten's werewolves, but there are already lots of changes compared to other shows and stories. I like the idea that they are able to change at will instead of during full moons, and especially that there are consequences if they don't wolf-out frequently. Having them fully control their wolf is also a nice bonus. Far too many series seem to be stuck on the full moon mythology, so it's nice when someone swerves away from it.

The mutt on the other hand is quite confusing. Obviously he isn't a pure bred werewolf, but what exactly does that mean? Is a mutt someone who was changed via a bite? (Is that one even possible in this universe?) Maybe he's just an offspring of a wolf and a human, or a wolf and another dog (which would be just weird). We also don't know what rules he is rebelling against, but hopefully that will be explained in the next episode. All we do know is that he is one bad doggie who murders people.

As far as premieres go, Bitten's wasn't too bad. Yes, it was confusing at the beginning, but it cleared most of the problems before the end and introduced us to enough of a story to keep us interested so we return next week. It could have been smoother around the edges, but it will do... for now. Let's hope that more in answered in next week's episode, though.

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