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I Give Up!

You may have noticed a significant lack of content related to TV series this year. Well, there was. After last year, I thought of only reviewing a few episodes a season, then I realized that so few people actually read my reviews (it was often less than 30) it wasn't even worth posting them at all. Instead, I just created small guides for the TV shows and focused on the music and quotes from the episodes. Sadly, that didn't even work out, so at this point, I give up on TV. There will be no more updates in the future for those fan sites.

But, wait, what about the other TV Series related content? Most of what is there will stay there, but nothing new will be added. That's right, NOTHING! No quotes, no music, NOTHING.

Why is this happening suddenly? First, I was going to phase it out because it is far too depressing to spend time creating and collecting information on a TV show I enjoy just to have them yanked away unceremoniously by a corporate greed (got that one from Continuum). But that all changed this weekend when I started receiving threats from the networks that they didn't like me linking to Amazon and iTunes for people to watch TV series because they would rather have people watch the shows live. Yeah, that's right, they are so caught up in their dinosaur ways that they refuse to accept people not watching shows when and where they want them to. (No, there wasn't any sources of pirated videos if that is what you were thinking, just official sites.)

Then they even went to my advertisers and told them to stop serving me advertisements until I remove the links to watch the episodes online. So I did. Like I had any choice. Oh, and they apparently don't like negative reviews because I was asked to remove those, too (those are not going anywhere). Yeah, that's right, they don't even care about peoples rights to voice their opinions. It's as if they don't want fans to care about the shows they like. Well the entire entertainment industry is awful for that, but the TV industry has to be worst!

In retaliation to this, I have cut off my TV service effective immediately, and I will not be watching any TV program unless it is available for free online, but not from official websites. That would still put money in their pocket and they will get none of that from me. As far as I am concerned, the entire TV industry can go bankrupt. Something else with significantly less greed will undoubtedly replace them someday.

So, instead, I will be converting Crimson Tear back to what it was originally, a video game website. Expect many more game guides, which are often much more popular than TV series guides anyway, plus reviews and news related to that industry, instead. Also, I intend to begin writing stories again, which will be posted exclusively on this site.

Sorry to all the TV series fans that have followed this site for these past years, but there will be no going back after this. The industry has made it painfully clear that it doesn't care about the viewers or fans who care enough about their TV series to make a virtual shrine to honour it. I may still post a few TV related articles in the future, but they will likely be very biased against this industry hell-bent on proving how the bad corporate greed has gotten.

Oh, and you may have noticed that is redirecting to Yeah, remember that old domain name? I might end up discontinuing, and return to the original nerologic, but I'm not too sure yet. I'll make an official announcement either way when I decide. For now, everything gaming will be forwarded to Nerologic. Oh, and if a game company ever decides to attack a game guide I created to help players, there will be blood.


-- Tyler


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