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The Secret Circle

TV Episode Details:


The gang follow the traitor witch to an abandoned amusement park, which they call the scariest place on earth. Cassie wants to use her dark magic to stop the hunters, but her newly found sister does everything in her power to prevent Cassie from continuing her killing spree.

Series: The Secret Circle
Season #: 1
Episode #: 20
Airdate: 2012-04-26
TV Network: The CW
Runtime: 60 minutes

Reviewer's Rating:



The Secret Circle: Traitor Review
The Circle takes a trip to the Cirque De Morgue.

Tyler Olson | 2012-04-29


Charles was very furious, and for good reason. He just had his plans spoilt by John, and now he found out that John is Diana's real father. The conversation he had with Diana was a lot calmer than I expected, but that calm attitude did not last long. Surprisingly, they managed to fight it out without resorting to magic. I do not understand why Charles told John that he was going to take Diana away from him, since it was only natural that he would do something to stop him from leaving.

Diana shifted into the sister role really fast. They were friends before, but already she is treating Cassie like her little sister, giving her lessons of what is right and wrong, and pulling her back when she strays off into the darkness. It could also be that Cassie is more willing to listen to her now since Diana always was a bit bossy. The way these two interacted, Diana's dark magic may already be active, and able to negate Cassie's, but she just doesn't want to use them to do harm. I am glad that knowing the truth has not changed the type of person she is, but part of me knows that it will happen eventually.

While everyone else was off to recover the stolen crystal, Adam and Melissa were able to spend some time alone to reflect on the past over a bottle booze. I expected more to happen between these two in their drunken stupor, but it never happened. Somehow Adam was able to do a cloaking spell alone, which should not have been possible with the circle bound, unless he has a hidden parent too. I really hope it was just an error since we do not need three demon spawns running around Chance Harbor.

I can see why the carnival became abandoned, it was just way to creepy to keep visitors coming. Even the areas that had rides for children had evil looking clowns with bloodied cleavers. It did add a lot to the feeling of impending doom during their search for the other witch, but it did not seem like something that would have actually existed.

All the girls were screaming at their shadows, and Jake typically decides that they should split up. They were going after a witch that stole a crystal from within their base while they were all there, which meant that he was more powerful than they were, thus staying in a larger group made a lot more sense. With their own lives on the line, I would hope that safety would be more important than speed.

With so many witch hunters dead, I wonder if the traitor is completely under Eben's control, or if he is trying to help the other witches in his own way. I expect that a resurrection spell was used, which may have caused the witch to listen to Eben only, even if his instincts would be to protect his friends and family though. I am also surprised that he would still have power to give to Eben after being resurrected. I hope we will get more answers in the next episode.

After the last few episodes, it looks this series is finally starting to reach the quality it deserves. Certainly things are going to go very wrong once they form the crystal skull, and with John's true motives still hidden from them, I expect there will be more bloodshed before this season is over.



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