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The Secret Circle

TV Episode Details:

Fire / Ice

Cassie continues with her goal of leaning more about her father and the dark magic she possesses, while Adam expresses his feeling towards her. Faye, still bitter of not having her individual magic, decides that she should have the magic instead of Cassie, so she tries a new spell to steal it from her.

Series: The Secret Circle
Season #: 1
Episode #: 11
Airdate: 2012-01-12
TV Network: The CW
Runtime: 60 minutes

Reviewer's Rating:



The Secret Circle: Fire / Ice Review
The Circle begins to fall apart.


By Tyler Olson 

This episode really showed how fragile the circle is right now. It was obvious that binding the circle was a mistake when it happened, but everyone is just now realizing how bad. Faye has gone rogue, Cassie's black magic is making them afraid of what she might do, and Adam's feelings for Cassie is starting to harm their relationship with Diana. Melissa seems to be the only one that is keeping them together at this point.

Cassie's magic has started to get out of control now and even simple spells, like changing the colour of a dress, now causes it to burst into flame. Now Cassie is even more afraid of what she might do, and Diana is starting to realize how bad it is getting as well. This fear drives Cassie's resolve in learning more about what she can do and her father. There is never a stronger motivator than fear to get things done, and that shows throughout the entire episode.

A few important pieces fell into place during this dark quest of Cassie's. First we learnt that their clubhouse was actually the home of Cassie's father, which then leads to the discovery of a symbol which is oddly burnt into the basement ceiling. I am surprised that no one figure this out before. I expected someone to make sure no one owned the property where they were stashing their stuff. Since it belonged to her father, does Cassie have any rights to the house now? It would be ironic for her to kick everyone out if they got her really angry, although that would likely be the least of their problems.

It wasn't until they started looking into the symbol that Cassie realized that Faye tore the pages out of her book, which just so happened to be related to what Faye, and her new friend, had planned. Why didn't Cassie's dark magic didn't show itself when she learnt of the theft, especially later when she found out that she stole even more from her? I expected a major fight to happen between these two, unfortunately it never happened.

This all lead to Faye bringing some real fire to Diana's Fire and Ice Dance. Faye's new boy-toy, who obviously has a hidden agenda, helped her cast a spell to steal Cassie's power, but it didn't work out quite as she planned. It was good to see she still cared enough to stop it when her friends were getting hurt, so we know there is still hope for her in the end. It is unfortunate that she still hasn't come to realize that her new friend may have caused it to fail.

The worst part of the episode was how everyone decided that ganging up on someone, who almost killed them just a bit earlier, was a good idea. Faye did what she could to stop the spell when she realized what was happening, but they didn't take any of that in consideration and still treated her like dirt. This will likely cause Faye's reaction to be a lot less caring next time, and perhaps then the remorse will finally hit, but likely they won't realize what lead to it getting to that point.

The part of the episode that surprised me the most, was Adam pursuing a relationship with Cassie. It seems that his attitude has also gotten darker since Diana broke up with him. A bad break-up is one thing, but this is way beyond that already. I can see one of them not surviving long if this continues to spiral out of control.

There isn't much holding the circle together by the end of the episode, and I am sure that Jake's return is only going to drive everyone apart even faster. I think it will take a unified threat in order to bring everyone together again. Perhaps the magic that Faye, and now Cassie, is playing with, will bring in a large enough threat to do just that.

Overall, this was a good episode story wise, but I still felt disappointed on how it played out. There is lots of dark energy being built up, but the releases seem to be just a smoke show so far. Perhaps they are just holding them back for a big finish. There also needs to be more outside conflict again as it has now just resorted to fighting amongst themselves.






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