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TV Series > Eureka - Season: 4 > Do You See What I See

Do You See What I See

Series: Eureka
Season #: 4
Episode #: Special
Airdate: 2011-12-06
TV Network: Syfy
Runtime: 60 minutes

Reviewer's Rating:



Eureka - Do You See What I See
Eureka gets animated!


By Tyler Olson 

This year, Syfy decided to do something different for Eureka's Christmas special. Like every other episode, something goes awry and puts the whole town in jeopardy, this time the entire town got changed into a cartoon.

The story itself was quite average for the series, but it was Carter's idea that was to blame this time. He wanted a white Christmas, so they try to use the Super Photon Generator to make it snow, but it malfunctions and changes the whole town into a cartoon. That wouldn't be too bad for the town, unfortunately the gift Allison gave Jenna took over control and is changing the town into different cartoon styles and adding new problems into the mix. Shutting down the generator was the primary issue, but the attack of the Snow Ninjas, or Sninjas, was the main focus of the action.

Since they changed the art style several times, I will break apart the next part of the review by the different styles.

When the energy wave first struck the town, we were treated to a neat 3D animation. Not anywhere to the quality of Pixar or Avatar, but with the budget of the show, I wouldn't expect it to be as good. They could of done a better job a the lip sync though. That was awful.

Next was your average american animated style, very much like disney and other old fashioned cartoons. This was actually one of my more enjoyable parts as there was a lot of attention to the small details, like Joe's blue birds. If they dumped all the others and just had the whole show in this style, I don't think I would of had complaints with the direction.

After teasing through styles that made the characters look like Scooby-Doo, Charlie Brown, Simpson / Futurama and South Park, they get stuck in the worst of all...

I really, really hate claymation. I never cared for the style at all, in any form. I don't know how they could say it wouldn't be Christmas without it. I took a poll of 50 people, and only one said they like it, and I think she was joking. Most of the others stated that if they see something in that style, they normally change the channel. Actually, I had to get a few people, who changed the channel away from Eureka, after it changed to claymation, to watch the ending of the episode. That really shows how bad of an idea it was to have such a large part of the episode in that form.

The final style was japanese style anime (like there is any other kind). This part was action packed as expected, and surprisingly well done. I don't think the entire episode could of sustained this type of style of much longer than it did though.

Thankfully, there were lots of great parts during this episode. The entire Ninja Snowmen parts were really fun to watch, especially the finale, but Carter attacking them with buzz-saw nunchucks was my favourite part of the episode. I also really enjoyed 'Joe White', especially her interaction with the birds, then her missing them at the end. Other great parts include Carter's jeep complaining about all the stuff it has been put through over the years, Fargo calling a button "my precious", then the button calls itself "one button to rule them all", as well Ted being a polar bear and eating penguin.

I really enjoyed most of this episode, but really didn't care for the claymation. If they used anything else, even the south park or charlie brown animation styles instead, this would of been an amazing episode. Sadly, it will have to settle with just great.






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